Garden Grill


Hello again! Is it totally obvious that I have a lot of time of time on my hands the past few days? At least I have my fellow MBers to bother.


I was reading reviewers on Garden Grill b/c I knew this was a Character meal featuring Chip n Dale and Ty still talks about how we did not get to meet them last year.


Does this restaurant rotate? What exactly does that mean? What do you see? Is there a point to the rotation?

Hows the food? The reviews I have read are a mixed bag.

Any other stuff I should know is welcome!

Thanks everyone!



The restaurant does rotate, but very, very slowly. As it rotates you see different parts of the Living with the Land ride. It is a very neat idea-and some good views to boot!
I like the food there-it is family style-very similar to LTT-flank steak, chicken tenders for the kids, veggies, mashed potatoes. I thought it was good, by DH thought it was ok. I say give it a try…it is a cool way to dine, and you get to see Chip and Dale!


This is my DDs FAVORITE place, and now that they no longer serve lunch it is so, so hard to get into. The food is good . . . similar to what you get at Sunshine Seasons. The veggies are VERY fresh since they are grown right there in The Land.

As others said, you rotate through The Land ride . . . you can’t really see much if you are on the second tier, but you feel the light change and hear the sounds.

A CM told me it takes 1 hour to rotate . . . so think about The Land ride, and how slow this is moving if it takes an hour.

We always enjoy it! Mickey and Pluto are there too. Mickey is dressed like a farmer which is cute.


We enjoy GG, the food is good and the character interaction is some of the best we’ve seen.


It’s an extremely comfortable restaurant. The booths are wonderful and the rotating is so slow that you won’t notice it. It’s fun to look down on Living with the Land.

I thought the food, at best, was average (but I’m not a huge meat eater and there was lots of meat here). The vegetables are grown in the greenhouses here and were fresh and delicious. I’d say go for it.


Yep, it does rotate (slowly). Great Character interaction and the foods good. One of my kids’ favorite places.


We have not been to GG in a number of years. However I still remember it fondly.It is very nice, the best way to discribe the food is comfort. The rotation gives you something to focus on while waiting for your dinner. The chef even came out and talked with us, which was something in itself. It holds a special place because it was there that my DD first meet Mickey. Never forget that look. Priceless!!!


My kids LOVED IT! They met Pluto and Mickey here too, as well as C&D. Pluto tried to eat their self decorated cupcakes, and they thought it was hysterical. We even have pictures- the kids loved this restaurant for this reason…


Wow! Thanks everyone! I have not heard much about it before but now I can’t wait to try it!



I agree with many of the others, food was good in general and the veggies were great.

Now I forget is it Chip with the red nose and Dale with the black nose…or the other way around?


I wanted to try this place on my next trip but we didnt get hoppers and I may only do Epcot 1 time. We are going to Le Cellier so I figure there is always next year for GG


Garden Grill is one of our favorites. We really enjoy the character interaction, the service has always been top notch, and the food has been very good, especially the veggies. The kids get to frost and decorate their own cupcakes for dessert. :))


[QUOTE=Tiggerific;977112]I agree with many of the others, food was good in general and the veggies were great.

Now I forget is it Chip with the red nose and Dale with the black nose…or the other way around?[/QUOTE]

Chip is the one with a black nose, like a chocolate chip. (I had the same question on MB long ago and this was the answer I got. I never forgot!)



My kids love GG, also, but then again they are HUGE Chip & Dale fans. We’ve always enjoyed the food here. Also, the tables go around the circular restaurant with an upper level and lower level. There is just one row of tables on each level, so the restaurant always seems quiet and comfortable to me. You don’t feel like you’re crammed in between lots of other tables and the sounds coming from The Land ride below are nice. It’s a fun, yet relaxing place to eat!


We go to Garden Grill every year. It is definitely one of our favorites. The characters, the atmosphere, the very slow rotation…it’s so much fun. You get to see some of the backgrounds of the Living with the Land ride on the lower level, the farm, etc., and you get to see inside that farmhouse through the upper level window. The food is served family style, but just ask for more if you didn’t get enough. I hear they have stopped the lunch menu and are only open for dinner. We enjoyed stopping there for lunch, too. Going to miss that.


We were there the 3rd week of June and it was our second time to visit. It does rotate but VERY slowly. You don’t feel it moving but you know you are moving when you look up and see different scenery. I’d say it takes an hour or more to go all the way around.

The character interaction here was the greatest the first time we went and we were not disappointed the second time…best experiences here compared to other character meals we’ve done. The characters here have such great personalities.

The food. We were a party of 8 and no one was impressed. We enjoyed the food last time but it seemed to really miss the mark this time. It wasn’t bad, but for $145 for our family (3 adults/1 child), it was dissapointing. We were served rolls w/ butter and a salad. The entree’s came out on a long platter w/ 3 meats-flank steak on top of small roasted potatoes, turkey on top of cornbread dressing w/ cranberry orange sauce, and catfish on top of squash and a couple other vegetables. DH and the others raved about the catfish, but the rest of it was just “ok”. The desert-blueberry cobbler w/ vanilla bean whipped cream-was not good at all…no one liked it. The whipped cream was all melted and tasted odd…ice cream would have been a big improvement.

Overall it wasn’t horrible, but we won’t be back. There are just too many other places to try to settle for mediocre food.


We are going there next month we will let you know.