Garden Grocer Order


I am placing an order with Garden Grocer and have a question. Do they deliver you items and leave them at the hotel or do you have to be there when they arrive? If they do leave them, do they leave them at the front desk or does the hotel put the items in your room?


I think I remember reading somewhere on this board that they hold them in for you. But, I’m sure someone with answer you on that.

I DO KNOW . . . they won’t deliver them to your room, because you don’t “officially” have a room until they check you in! (room number that is!)


I think I heard that they hold them in the Bell Services area where they store your luggage.


Good to know… we may be using them next trip.


We used them last trip. They were running late because of a storm and so delivered them to our room (I guess since we were checked in and it was 11 pm). They staid in touch via cell phone and timed their arrival with ours coming home from dinner. And since they were late - They threw in the beer for free!

C’mon - does it get better than that? WDW and free beer?


We had them delivered to the front desk and then we had bell services bring them up for us when we returned to our room that evening.


It does get delivered to bell services and when you get to your room you just call them and your order will be brought to your room (just like luggage) . they even refrigerate your perishables!

We were very happy with Garden Grocer!


Do they deliver beer?


Seriously, there’s not much better than free beer and tying Disney into the mix… Well, that’s icing on the cake!

I’m almost certain they do. But, it’s not listed on their web site


what? how do you order beer? i was trying to figure out what to do for DH and for sunscreen (I want spray sunscreen but don’t want to have to buy it and pack it in luggage and small ones for carryon…ok, TMI) and water and breakfast foods. hmmm…maybe i need to call them!


They delivered a 24 cold boys to us at SSR. I just asked. Clearly I am over 21, so I don’t think they had a problem.

Em, we take sunscreen. We use ziplock gallon freezer bags. If the sunscreen breaks, your stuffis protected. Never a spill (knock on wood). ANd this includes the boys (Dumb and Dumber) packing stuff.


i bought sunscreen today (i’ll do the big baggies in the suitcases. also found a little 2 oz bottle for the carryone), so really the only thing iwould need GG for is beer. is there a minimum $ amount per order?


From what I see I don’t think so. There is just a charge for delivery.


hmmm…gotta call and see how much it would be to deliver beer. with the delivery charge it could be as much as just buying it at the gift shop. thanks!