Garden Grocer question


If I order from Garden Grocer will they deliver to the front desk? Or will I need to be in my room at the time of delivery ?
I REALLY want to use thier service but Im ordering milk and cheese and stuff that will go bad if left out… and we dont know WHEN we will be “in” our rooms at any particular time.


I ordered from them in January. They will bring it to the luggage area and it will be held there until your return to the resort. They pack things well in cooler-type freezer bags and the luggage dept. will refridgerate it for you until you get there. Then just call luggage and have them deliver it to your room. Easy!


Thank You Karlie.


I am going to use them for our trip too, and I am so glad to hear the answer to this question, I was a bit concerned as well. Now I am no longer stressing over he perishable issue.


We brought our cell phone with us and had them call us. Then we left Epcot (we were staying at the Beach Club) and met them at our room 20 minutes later.

I wouldn’t stress about the perishables. Delivering to bell services is an option too. We wanted to be there for delivery so we could tip them though.


I’m so glad I read about Garden Grocer here on DC. I’ve never used them, but we will for our trip June 16, since we’ll be there 10 days and staying in the WL villas.
We drive to WDW, but still, bringing a huge cooler with milk, juice and lunchmeats is a pain. We’ll still bring some stuff like cereal and snacks, but we’re going to order the rest. Thanks for whoever was the first one to try it and post such a positive review!!!


Water…order water. $7.99/case. It may be cheaper at your local walmart, but that’s the cost of like 3 waters at a park.