Garden Grove Cafe? Good birthday restaurants?


Has anyone eaten at Garden Grove? Rachel has two requests for her birthday - to spend all day at the Magic Kingdom and to have a character breakfast. Unfortunately, I’m currently failing on arranging both of those! It’s the night of MNSSHP, so MK closes at 7 (she said that’s okay - we can park hop). And there are no character breakfasts available (there was a free dining offer for this time, so I’m not surprised). There is a character lunch at Tusker House, but that’s at AK, and then there’s plenty of availability for the character dinner at Garden Grove. I figure that would be a good option because we could go to Fantasmic at 7:30, then eat at Garden Grove (I made a reservation for 8:20). This is the only character dining we haven’t eaten at, and it’s because Unofficial Guide doesn’t rate it very highly. Has anyone had a good experience there?

I was thinking for lunch, we could try to eat CS at Be Our Guest.

Does anyone have any suggestions (preferably MK or Epcot area) for restaurants that make a big deal about your birthday? Rachel absolutely loves attention. I have no doubt that she’ll be wearing her birthday hat and button all day - if not all weekend!


How about Via Napoli? I’m sure you can persuade the lovely young Italian servers to make a fuss over Rachel.:happy:


We have been to Garden Grove and really enjoyed it. Food was some of the best we have had at a buffet and the characters were great. They do rotate the characters but the restaurant tends to not be real busy so the interaction time can be pretty good. Beaches and Cream is good about making a big deal over a birthday. Flashing lights and all.


Ahhh! Beaches and Cream would be perfect!

Rachel told me yesterday that while she preferred that her birthday breakfast have characters, it wasn’t a requirement. She just wants a breakfast booked because she feels it’s the perfect way to start her birthday. So after a long debate between Captain’s Grille (near our resort and menu looks awesome), and Kona Café, Grand Floridian Café, and Whispering Canyon… I went with Whispering Canyon because I felt like the atmosphere would be the best for a birthday. However, it is the restaurant that is the most difficult to get to from our resort. We’d have to take (let me know if there’s a better route!) a bus to MK, then the boat to WL.

Right now, I have the reservation booked for 8AM with a 9AM park opening, hoping that we can get to the park within the first hour of it opening. I’m wondering if I should change it to a later time and go into MK first, then leave to eat breakfast. But I’d say if we did that, there’s no way we’d be able to eat CS Be Our Guest for lunch.


…you are the BEST sister Victoria!!! I know all your plans will work out well for her birthday–whatever you decide on. :happy: