Garden Grove


Our family from Trinidad & Tobago just told us they would be meeting us in WDW for our trip in August :wub:!! Our group and their group will only be there for 2 of the same days so looking through the WDW reservation page, I managed to fit our group of 6 into a reservation for Garden Grove at 5:10pm.

Will this give us enough time to get back to MK for the Main Street Electrical Parade at 8pm? I’m thinking yes …

Also, how have people’s experiences at Garden Grove been? Yay or Nay? Selection good? What characters are present at dinner service?


We are going the end of August. Got a $25.00 certificate from for only two bucks so I am pretty happy.

Your cutting it close on time. We usually plan 90 minutes to two hours for a meal and then you have to get the bus to MK and find a good place for the parade.

Crowd levels should be down so the seat part may be easy but I have also heard that lower crowds mean fewer buses and longer waits.

As far as Characters, Goofy and Pluto are there on Thursdays.


I think it depends on your eating style. I don’t think we have ever stayed more than an hour even with characters. But we are fast eaters. :slight_smile:

In theory, if you were to get in on time, eat for an hour or so and still allow 90 minutes for travel (here too- we have never had that long of a wait to get from park to park) I think worst case, you get there right on time. Looks like you are familiar with the parks so you should be able to navigate quickly! Otherwise, take a cab?

As far as Garden Grill ( I think that is where you mean?) We thought it was fantastic twice and not so great once. You can find the menu on under dining. I don’t remember there being options, just the platters.

The characters have always been Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale for us. Not sure if they always change or what the schedule is.
It is a fun place as far as the environment though!


Garden Grove and Garden Grill are two different places. Thursday is Mediterranean night.


I’m thinking that if we sit on time we’ll be done eating by 6:30 latest…I’m sure we’ll be fine. We’re fast movers. If busses are taking too long from Swan/Dolphin will hop in a taxi to catch the parade.

Not Garden Grill … Garden Grove, that’s what my reservation confirmation says :redface:

If I start to feel too paranoid about getting there on time closer to the date, I’ll just cancel and a counter service dinner it will be!


If I were taking a taxi to MK I would either get dropped off at the Contporary or Grand Floridian. You can walk from the CR to MK in less than 10 minutes. If you go to the GF you can take the monorail and MK is the next stop. You can also take the monorail from CR but you have some stops and walking is quicker.


I think you’ll have plenty of time. You have almost 3 hours between your ressie time and the parade. It may not hurt to show up a little earlier and see if they seat you earlier? Worth a try, but I think you’ll make it easily- ( dont allow anyone to have dessert:laugh:)


Buses were my only concern for you. A taxi would solve that problem. Sounds like your set.


Ahhhh… SORRY! I looked it up- I can’t believe there was a character meal I didn’t know about! LOL!
Makes sense though b/c I have never been to the Swan or Dolphin…
Carry on…


Thanks for the confidence everyone! I’m pretty sure we can make it in good time too to get a good seat/vantage point. We’re quick eaters - we can always small talk and catch up later that evening back at the resort!

My confidence in catching the parade has been restored … for now at least :happy:


Zoey, I didn’t find out until I scheduled a meal there for DW & myself and saw the characters on the ressie page.