Has anyone out there used We are staying in the Fort Wilderness cabins during spring break next year and would like to order some groceries for breakfast from this site. How far in advance do we need to place our order? The cost for delivery is only $12 versus spending and extra $25 for another bag on the airplane. Any recommendations would help greatly!!! Thanks!:mickey::mickey:


Well worth it for perishable items. Remember that you can mail a box to the resort to wait for your arrival. Save bag fee.


We have used garden grocer three times- had a great experience each time. You choose your delivery date and time online when you check out. I ususally order 10 days before we go. During busy times, they do run out of delivery dates.


I have used them a couple of times. I just used them in August and was completely satisfied with their service. It was nice to have snack/food options in the room to save a little bit of money. The water and drinks was a God send on those hot afternoons.


Ive used them as well. I was late but they dropped the bags off at the front desk and the bags were thermal so they stayed cool for the 30 minutes until I got there. Totally worth it for drinks and perishables.


I have used them and they were great to work with!


I have used them several times as well and it was great. I have even ordered things not on their standard order list and it was not a problem. They have always provided exactly what I have requested and I will definitely use them again.


We had a good experience with them as well.

When we placed our order (about a month in advance), we had to give them a window time for delivery…
They tell you that you need to be in your room for the delivery.

Or delivery time was for 3:00 - 5:00 p.m., and we were planning on getting to the room in time.

At 11:00 a.m. we got a message on my cell phone from Garden Grocer saying they were on the way to deliver the groceries.

I panicked, because there was no way we would get back to our room in time. I called them to let them know, and they told me that our hotel (The Boardwalk) would be able to store the groceries for us. I was still nervous, because we had ice cream and stuff that needed to be refigerated, so we rushed back to the room. Come to find out, The Boardwalk stored the frozen stuff in freezers, the cold stuff in a fridge, and the pantry stuff by itself.

So I guess the point of my story is…you may not need to be in your room at delivery. It probably depends on if the resort you are staying at has capabilities to store cold/frozen food.

The food was good and resonably priced (especially compared to “Goodings”…that place charges WAY too much). There is a 24 hour Walmart near by with the cheepest prices though.


Well worth it …
They were at our Resort within two hours of our arrival back in May.
They were also very good on pricing !!!


Another positive experience w/us.


We used them again last week and everything was great!!


Placed our order for next week’s delivery. This will be our first time using and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We would have never thought of anyone offering something like this on-line. But, after seeing all the suggestions on this site, we decided to try them out.

Wish us luck!