Gas can't keep them away!


A lot of speculation and discussion on this board lately about would rising gas prices keep guests away. That question was answered last week. Each day the MK averaged 20,000+ guests more than forecasted! It was so packed one night they at the VERY last minute decided to do a SpectroMagic parade when there wasn’t originally scheduled one. So not only are the guests traveling, they’re traveling in herds!!! So come on down gang! Can’t let the gas keep down the magic!


Great for Disney… bad for us… crowds… ggrrr…


Yes and gas went up to $3.45 today…


I agree! Great for Disney but bad for us stuck in the crowds. I hope when I go the crowds aren’t bad. DH refused to go during peak times.


Gas won’t keep me away. (lol that sounds funny) It is ridiculous I agree, but it is part of our lifestyle, so we just grin and bear it. Glad to hear WDW has not been affected.


Gas Prices are going up? :ohmy: I guess I have been desensitized to it a few pennies at a time . . .:laugh: :blush::glare: :pinch: :huh: :laugh: :laugh:


Was that still considered the Spring Break period?


Don’t tell anyone, but the Hess gas inside WDW is costs less than on the street, especially that stretch of 535 right outside the main gate off I-4.


Not really. Our “spring break period” ends the first of April. These weeks are supposed to be normal crowds until Memorial Day hits. But it’s WAY above normal.


Yes, only use the 2 Hess gas stations within WDW. The one by MK tollbooth and the one across from the entrance to Studios and the Boardwalk.


I’ve used all three at various times. Even the one across from DTD. All the same price and all less than out in the real world.
Plus, I can show you where I used to live on the wall of the MK Auto Care Center. Hint, it’s in suburban North Jersey


But is Gas Prices affecting Disney Transportation or is it being offset from other money sources or will the prices be readjusted to compensate in the near future?

Seems like the Monorail Expansion would of been a wise investment about 10 years back. :laugh:


Same with us, the price of gas isn’t gong to keep us from taking a family vacation.


We noticed that last summer, I expected to pay more at Hess on property but it was actually less then off site places. That wasn’t what I expected.


Gas won’t keep me away…the runs on the other hand…no but seriously, despite the prices; we all need breaks for sanity. I just keep living the american dream, and some of your as well. Feel like the ‘I’m in debt to my eyeballs’ guy!


I am not surpirsed. I know a bunch of people that are going to WDW and are just budgeting more due to gas prices.



In 2004 my trip from Puget Sound, Washington to Disneyland cost $384.73 @ 14 miles per gallon. This years trip, same car, will cost $800-$1000. Oh well, at least the price of a Dole Whip is reasonable. Just one a day though.


It didn’t used to be like this. In the 90s, while Exxon was operating the stations, they were always more expensive, not less. Especially since Hess took over, the price has been lower than in the real world.


I know that feeling too


Just keep singing ‘There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’…right max?! lol