Gator attacks in florida


two people have died in florida gator attacks here. not sure what happened to them.

I just wanted to pass the word along

ok the web site that lets you read about it is

www.orlando look news under the newspaper ad once at the site and it should come up


Ok, can you pass along links to the articles, please?


ok let me find the right place so people can go read about it if they want


I would also like to see this article please.


Here’s the article from the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale.,0,5302025.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines


Man, that’s some very frightening stuff!


Well Its proably going to be 3 but they aren’t sure on the Tampa case if she was dead before the gator attack.

Its gator mating season in Orlando and the dry conditions is forcing them out of the water. As a general rule you need to stay away from the gators and respect them, this has been brewing for several months now and people have ignored the warnings. I don’t know much about the Tampa death. The Ocala forest death she was swiming in some murkey looking water and got seperated from her group. The one in FT Luaderdale there are reports she was sitting on a bridge with her feet dangling in the water.

The bottom line is don’t swim in fresh water in FL unless there is alot of people around, when in doubt stay out of the water.


In Jan 05 my husband played at one of the WDW golf courses. He lost a ball in one of the ponds/rivers and had to take a drop. When he approached the spot he saw a huge gator in his way. He decided to take the drop farther back. Just don’t bother them…it won’t always work…but a good idea not to bother them!!! I wouldn’t stop going to WDW because of the gators…but would choose not to feed them or approcate them.


With the drought that we have been in and the fact it is mating season the Gators are more active. There are several sitings of gators walking from pond to pond when the water level drops.


We were at WDW May 4th to the 9th and for the first time we saw a gator. We were in the bus on the way to one of the parks when the bus driver told us to look at the water and there was a gator.


We were driving home to Jacksonville Sunday evening from Epcot through the Ocala National Forest. When we came around the corner at Juniper Run, there were cops everywhere. At first we thought “Speed Trap!”, but then we saw some other emergency vehicles and thought it was a wreck… but the next day we heard of the gator attack there, so I assume that is what all the activity was about.

We have swam in the springs (Salt Springs, Alexander Springs, Juniper Springs)… the springs are some of the most amazing, beautiful areas of Florida. The water is crystal clear and always 70-72 degrees (nice on a hot July day)… But you do have to keep a close eye out for alligators. We have seen a couple of small ones but at the parks areas they generally stay away from the areas with a lot of people. And Salt Springs has life guards that keep a close eye out for them.

But I have to admit, that I am not sure I will swim in the springs much anymore. The lady that got killed there was not at the springs but was in the canoe run stream… Those areas are DEFINITELY gator territory!

And really, anywhere in Florida where there is fresh water, there can be gators. While Disney keeps a watchful eye out and removes all alligators when they find them, this IS still Florida and there still CAN be gators near their waterways.


I always thought the gators came with a ticking clock.

Is that only in the movies?


Springs are great for swimming, and have such a high traffic rate, that you should be fine swimming as long as you stay in the areas that are roped off.

Florida fresh water (aside from those roped off areas in the springs) are not meant to be swam in. It’s not healthy, nor is it safe. After our Florida rains, alot of the water can have a high bacteria content, as well as…well, alligators. They live there.

Alligators, in most cases, won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them. The PROBLEM is - alot of people feed them when they are babies, and so when they are older, they aren’t scared of humans - they see a human, and have been conditioned to think “food”…

My mom managed a golf course for YEARS, and there was gators in the some of the ponds on the course…well, those little old ladies fed those gators EVERY day…but, those gators grew up, and my mom had to have them removed, because they had no fear! THey were huge!


Just in the movies Boss!


The gator they used to have at the MK was given the name “tick-tock” but he is gone now.


Okay, it’s funny you should bring this up. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard that recently a man and his dog were eaten by a gator right on Little Lake Bryan…which is where I live! :eek:
I walk right past that lake all dark and secluded all the time to get to 711 and Bahama Breeze…yikes! I really hope that is not true.


It’s not true Tess … it was more of ‘Nibbled’ than ‘Eaten’


It’s kind of scary. The first of the attacks was in Weston/Ft Lauderdale FL and it was at a huge park there, Markham Park. I go 3 times a week to go running, just as the lady who was attacked was, and to the dog park. For days there were news trucks all around the area and on the highway making it even more difficult to get home every day.

For sure though stay out of the water and don’t feed them. Because of the drought a lot of what they eat is dying so they are all moving inland to look for food. Just be careful what you do.


I have never heard that story, but there are gators in LLB. You should be fine on the sidewalk though.


When in Florida water = potential gators. One day people will get it. Anyone who goes near “murky” water is kinda just begging for it.