Gator world to Disney


Can anyone tell me how close they are, 10 mins. or 1 hour, etc. etc.



Assuming you are referring to Gatorland. It is about 30 to 45 minutes away depending where you are in WDW.


lmao, sorry yes i meant gatorland & thank you!!

is it normally just a 1 day thing to do?


Took us a couple hours. They have a show where kids can wrestle a gator. It’s not really that intense the gator is young. It is not something I would do again because we’ve been there but it is something we enjoyed.


There is a coupon available online and the Entertainment Book has coupons for buy one get one free tickets. Some people are selling them on E-Bay pretty cheap. Just make sure they don’t expire before your trip.

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this is what i am debating about, spending close to 700.00 for 2 nights for SW or just leaving NY a day later and doing GL…


We went there and enjoyed it very much. It is really more like a 1/2 day event but very well run.

They do have a small child splash area that the young kids like. You could sit there for 3 hours alone and have a drink while the kids frolic! :blush:


We went there on the day we arrived in Orlando and stayed about 3 1/2 hours. There is a great playground (with sprinklers!) for the kids to burn off some energy. My son especially loved the train ride. Not so much the alligator “show”. He was afraid someone was going to get hurt and wouldn’t watch (he was 6 at the time). Other than that, it was a fun morning!