Yes, we went to Gatorland. Well, what can I say- my brother knows a guy who knows guy… and we got in free!!! Not much exciting here, unless you’ve never seen an alligator and you really really want to. There’s a lot walking and a lot of alligators. A lot of birds, and a lot of bird poop- all over the hand railings. My brother leaned up on a rail and got the surprise, yuck!
There were some good things:

  1. the alligator wrestling show, not much wrestling but the guy was cute and the jokes were’nt bad.
  2. awesome lemonade for $1
  3. gift shop was filled wth neat cheap stuff, kids had a ball
    Overall, We were glad we did’nt pay to get into this place, but it was’nt a bad way to kill a morning.

Ha, Gatorland is always the place where we threaten the kids we are going to leave them if they don’t settle down. We always seem to drive by it, never thought of going in though. Maybe if the kids are really bad one day, I may have to take the threats to the next level. :eek:


Thanks for the info about Gatorland – the men on our yearly trip always want to stop there and this year we were actually contemplating going out of curiousity! now I know–send them while I go shopping!!! Thanks again for the helpful info.