Has anyone ever gone to Gatorland? We are considering giving it a shot this trip. Sounds like quirky fun!! :laugh:


My Sister took her three boys there and absolutely loved it. That was prior to the fire. Not sure if everything got replaced, or if it changed since then.


When was the fire? No fun going to see half a burned gator!


The fire was a couple of years ago… we had a fun time there (before the fire) when my kids were 4 and 9. Haven’t been there since.


We also went pre-fire. It was fun, something different. Apparently they have added quite a bit since the fire. I would say to check it out!


I have considered this many times as well. Maybe we’ll need to check it out this winter.


We went about 5 yrs. ago and thought it was kind of neat. You can get discount tickets from ticketmania or undercovertourist. We bought ours from ticketmania and they sent us an extra one we did not pay for! Gave it to someone in line with us.


Just got back - Gatorland was really very neat.

It was nice, clean and a unique experience. If you have been to WDW many times and are looking for something new, this is it. It is definitely worth the trip.

I recommend it. I have a picture of me sitting on the back of a live alligator. I will try to get it posted.