GC Hotel


If we have breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe and want to leave our car at the GC can we enter the park through the hotel or can only guests of the hotel use that entrance?


We where told that you had to be a Disneyland Resort guest to use the GC entrance to DCA but about half the time they did not check for our room keys.:smile:


Technically you have to be staying on Disney property to use that entrance, but I don’t think they check room keys very religiously so you could always try.


We stayed there this past June and I was SURPRISED to see that they checked our room key every single time we used that entrance! They were really dilligent about it too, they asked for BOTH of our room keys as we went through… I guess one wasn’t enough. It was weird. Anyway, my experience was that they were really strict with checking.


Wow that is surprising that they asked for both of your room keys!!

I would never want to chance it no matter what, but that’s definitely good to know that they are so thorough. Guess I was wrong! :laugh:


We stayed in 2006 & they never checked our room key 1 time. Must be something they have started since then.