General all-parks question


Would it be suicidal to go to DL in the week of Thanksgiving? My friend, cousins, Turnwrench and I were going to go on the 21, but that just seems a little too crowded. Opinions?


I have done it in the past, it will be crowded, Im not going to lie to you there, but going during the Thanksgiving week also means you will get to see the Holiday decor up! Just be aware that the Holidays dont officially start until November 21st. But crowded or not, you will have a fun time!

But suicide? I dont think so…Ive gone during the most busiest time of the year for DLR (Peak Summer season in August, and that was BUSY and I still had a great time!) So I know that Thanksgiving wont be as bad as the Summer season…but it will be busy.


I did it once…the line for space mountain went all the way past star tours. I almost got into a fight just trying to pass through the line…big guy…kinda scary…anyway, never again for me. But if its the only time you can go I would still do it.


It will be really busy, but the good news is is that it won’t be HOT! :happy: The cooler weather alone makes it easier to deal with those crowds.

If it’s a chance to go to Disney, I say go!


It will be crowded, but it won’t be the worst crowds you find in Disneyland.

If you go, do so with the understanding that it WILL be crowded, so don’t be disappointed with long lines or finding yourself trying to wind your way through mobs inbetween ride destinations… :pirate: