Get a phone call from Hannah Montana


Your child can get a free call from Hannah Montana. Get a wake up call, a school reminder, or a back to school phone call. You tell them when to call. Here is the link (don’t ask me why it says “HOME”).



I am going to set this up for my husband when I am away at WDW next week. He’ll be SO annoyed to be woken up by Hannah Montana before work. :laugh: OOooO, I can’t wait.


That is too funny! He is not going to be a happy camper.


I just set it up for every morning that I am going to be gone next week. :laugh: One reminding him he has soccer practice at school today, and two wake up calls. :laugh: I figured by day 3 he’d get suspicious and NOT pick up our home phone so I sent one to his cell phone too. :laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: You are so funny!


So cute. I just registered Miss Caisley for a wake-up call on her first day of preschool next week! :heart:


That’s so funny!! I too sent it to be annoying to my 9 and 11 year old sons who HATE all things HM and “girly”. Imagine how mortified they’ll be the day before school when she tells them to get their things ready and on the 1st day of school to get a wake up call from her! I’m so sure I’ll be labelled the “worst mom in the world”…yet again!!


I love all the funny posts on all the ways some of you are going to annoy your loved ones with calls from HM, but my girls will truly :heart: getting a call! I want to set it up for when we return to school week after next.


I love how all of you are going to use this to torture someone. I’m sure your loved one will be so happy with you.


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: I should set one up for my Dad…he doesn’t even know who she is:laugh:


:laugh::laugh:Too funny Wish!

You are so bad!!! :angel:In a good way!


ha! Ha! That is hysterical… Will have to do this for my child- who happens to be named Hannah… She will completely freak out!



Here’s Daniel every morning you are gone in emoticons:

:sleeping: :phone: :huh: :eek: :wacko:


I think I will have it call the folks at Disney and have it say, “Don’t spoil the first weekend of October on my account.”


:laugh: Hahaha I LOVE this idea! I would totally do it, except that my husband never answers his phone anyway. :dry: He definitely wouldn’t answer it if it was before he was awake…he’d snore right through it. :sleeping:


:laugh: That is hysterical!!! I can’t wait to hear how he reacts!

I’m tempted to set one up and put it on speakerphone so Alice can hear…she’d probably flip! :huh: That girl :wub: her Hannah Montana!



Here’s Daniel every morning you are gone in emoticons:

:sleeping: :phone: :huh: :eek: :wacko:[/QUOTE]

:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: that is too FUNNY!!

Wishy you are SO BAD!!! :blush:

Missy - my girls will love it too . . . I’m going to do the back to school one . . . since they start MONDAY!! (yep, doing the happy dance! :laugh:)


Ironically, my mother woke up DH this morning at 8am to borrow our lawn mower and that is all I have heard about since. :laugh:


How diabolical…:fork_off: Thanks for the cool ideas! :laugh:


Actually, this is the last week before school starts here and I’m thinking I should set up a wake up call for my sleeping teen right now!!!