Get An Appointment to Meet Mickey


With the closure of ToonTown at Walt Disney World, it was necessary for the Imagineers to find a new home for our favorite mouse. It appears that Mickey will now inhabit what was the Exposition Hall near the main entrance to the park. Not only that, but you can now get a Fast Pass for your meeting with Mickey so you no longer have to stand in line.

Mickey FASTPASS: Guests Will Be Able To Determine a Time To Meet Mickey Mouse Beginning This Spring at Magic Kingdom Disney Parks Blog


I can see how this would be a bonus since unless a lot of changes were made to Expo Hall, it doesn’t seem to have the que line space that county farm had. I skipped Mickey at MK the last trip because the lines were too long. I will have to try it this summer.


Yeah FP for Mickey!


We ALWAYS schedule a meal with Mickey so we don’t have to wait in line, he comes to us. SO much easier that way. However, for those who don’t do that the FP could be a great time saver.


We are going to schdule a meal to have with Mickey but this would be great if it was not our first night. I would really like Mickey to be the first character for our DS to meet.


Any idea when this will start? Hoping it’s up and running for April!!:mickey:


I’m so excited about Mickey’s new meet n greet spot coming to Exposition Hall! And the fastpass option will be a wonderful way for more guests to come see him.

Currently, Mickey (and Minnie too!) can pop up in a few places at MK. He’s been spotted hanging out in Frontierland (see my avatar) Tommorowland and in Liberty Square by the Hall of Presidents (Dressed in his Yankee Doodle Best!)

These spots are temporary during the transition from Toon Town, but the daily times’ guide can tell you the up-to-date places to meet the mouse.


I like this fastpass character meet and greet idea! That way eveyrone gets a chance, the pictures will be indoors I presume so out of the glare of the sun (Nothing worse that a picture with everyone blinking and squinting!) and there will be no pushy parents throwing their child infront of you if they think the character is about to leave!


I really like this idea, but I’m still going to miss Minnie and Mickey’s houses. :heart::frown: