Get married in MK?


Did you know you can get married or renew your vows in the MK in front of Cinderella’s Castle? I think this would be absolutely beautiful! :heart:
I checked it out at this site and for a small minimum wedding expenditure of $500,000 (yes that price is correct) you too can do it!

Disney Vow Renewals > Custom > Ceremony > Locations > Overview

Has anyone done this or know of anyone who has done this? If so, please share pics and details.

Or if someone wants to gift me the $500,000 I’d be sure to invite you! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: Are you KIDDING?? Okay I knew the price was astronomical, but I had no idea it was THAT BAD! :laugh:

As cool as it would be to renew my vows there, I think if I had $500,000 to spare I would just assume spend it on something else. :whistling

I don’t think it’s nearly this much in Disneyland. But I know it’s expensive, and kind of cheesy. (I’ve been on hand to witness one at DL. It was kinda…um, not worth the money.) For the price they can’t even get you a violinist or something…they actually have like a $20 boombox on hand to play a song! :huh:


I had to go back and recheck that price a few times…I wasn’t sure if I was seeing it right!:laugh:


Yeah, I thought you typed an extra zero…I had to go check it out for myself! :laugh:


hmmmmm… dont think I will be budgeting for that one.


wow… scratch that off the list of my dream weddings!


I got married there in '96. I didn’t do the castle thing but had it at the wedding pavilion. I think it cost us about $60,000. It was beautiful.


I’m jealous. I’ll bet that was wonderful! :happy:


I’m so jealous too!


$500,000??? Holy crackers! :blink: I’d rather buy a house! :laugh:


That is my dream wedding…what a fairy tale that would be. I would never spend (or be able to afford) such a price tag, but a girl can dream right? I can see it all in my head…yes, I do have wedding dreams…lol Don’t tell DBF. He’s under the impression that I never, ever want to get married…lol


My daughter is too young to even think of dating much less getting married…
…However, I must confess, I’ve dreamed of her getting married right there.

Alas, due to the unfortunate fact that my hubby and I are not filthy rich, the dream shall remain just that…a dream. Sniff sniff :crying:


It seems like such an amazing fairy tale, but that’s what it should be…a fairy tale. If I saved my whole life and actually had the $500K to give her this wedding, I STILL wouldn’t do it!!! There are so many great things that can be done with $500K. Why waste it on one day?


I have to agree. I would rather have a quickie ceremony surrounded by family, a small party and spend the rest on a house…500K WOAH MOMMA!


Well, for $500K you can get a small house here on Long Island…:mad:

(WHY do I live here??? :confused: DON’T ASK ME!)


Well, here I was hoping it would be only $499,000. But since I now know it’s the full $500,000 - I guess I’ll just have to renew my vows somewhere else! :wink:
No, seriously - that’s just crazy! :eek: Is the price that high to keep from having just an overwhelming number of weddings every day? Or becasue every now and again some crazy/rich/spoiled girl gets her family to actually pay for that?

I would buy a house and a car with that, then travel down to WDW and spend a couple weeks at the Polynesian (and still probably have some left over!)


Well now, there are ways around that cost. DH and I got married right in front of the castle and it cost us the price of a ticket!
We just brought my best friend who is also a notary, and a few family members, stopped at the little pavillion to the right of the castle, said the “I do’s” and went on our way!
It was WONDERFUL and CHEAP!!! :laugh:


Yes, but I believe $500,000 also includes use of Cinderella’s carriage for 4 hours. We did a small Disney vow renewal at the Poly last year with the castle behind us. For a small group of 10, the base cost was about $3,000. Sure, you got married in front of the castle on the sly, but I bet you didn’t have a violinist play “We Go On” from Illuminations, or play Zip A Dee Doo Dah as your recessional.


I believe the $500,000 minimum cost would enable you to get married at the castle with the carriage PLUS include your customized wedding reception with the location, guests, reception food, photographer, videographer, characters (I think it is about $700 for one character for 30 minutes), rooms for the wedding party & guests, fireworks if desired, plus a variety of options, etc, etc, etc.
All of that has to add up to $500,000 or more to use MK for your wedding.:eek:

You must have to be very wealthy. If you had $10 million in the bank the minimum Disney fee for a wedding there would cost you 5% of your money. You would have to be a multi, multi-millionaire to make it affordable and not go broke.

I wonder how many people get married there per year.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they gave it away as one of the dreams in The Year of a Million Dreams celebration?


I’ve seen half million dollar weddings, and I’ve had a small taste of what Disney does. You’re probably talking about what Disney would call their “Platinum Grand Fairy Tale Wedding” and likely would include the bridal suite or possibly presidential suite at the Grand Floridian.
Oh, did I tell you about the watch?