"Get MY Outta here"...TR


Pre-Trip Report…I just had to add this…the week before we left was Hellish…seriously!!! My 8 yr old fridge went out, so had to get a newer one, DH and I both had severe conjunctivitis that we contacted from the kids and couldn’t even wear our contacts and all three kids were diagnosed with strep two days before we left (you can’t make this up). I really did consider canceling the trip, BUT my pedi assured me everyone would be fine since I had two days to get the antibiotic in the kids AND I already had spent a fortune getting ready for this trip…SO here we go.


Wow! Too much excitement before the trip- makes for a good trip, right? Hope it was fun!


With that type of a start you needed a vacation.


Hope you have a great time and everyone’s feeling good today. :happy:


Disney Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

Well after a CRAZY week…we arrived in Orlando and rested up for the big day. We arrived at the All Star Movie Resort at 8:30 am. Our room was not ready so we went ahead and checked our luggage and received our Keys to the World and off we go. I was really worried about the bus transpo because I was baby wearing DD2 and holding DD1’s hand, DS had a huge back pack and DH was carrying the double stroller, but we NEVER had a prob. If a bus was crowded, we waited for the next one to insure that we all had seats, but we never stayed late or made rope drop so that probably helped.

We arrive at MK for the big day. It is DD1’s 3rd birthday and she was given her birthday pin at the resort and EVERYONE wished her a Happy Birthday. It was great!!! Now, I get goose bumps when I see the castle and I wanted so bad for DD to just love it and BOY did she!!! She just kept saying Wow Mommy, and it was so sweet. She put her hand over her mouth in awe, I will never forget that the rest of my life AND after everything that had happened it MADE IT ALL WORTH IT!!! She may not remember that moment, but I will forever.

Anywho, we hit Fantasyland first. We FP Peterpan and now they combo the Phillharmonic show with this ride or Winne the Pooh and rode Dumbo first. It was great and the kiddos loved it. You could see the new addition and it seems to be coming along. We do everything in Fantasyland and on to Frontierland. This is the first time I had rode POTC since the upgrade and I loved it!! Man, Jack Sparrow looks so real, excpet for the very end. lol We headed to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz and Space Mtn and decided to call it a day.

We pretty much rode everything by 5:00pm and I had received a text to let me know my room was ready so we headed back. It was great because my luggage was waiting for me in the room. Since the kids were sick we decided to take it easy and call it a night since we were doing MK again later in the week. Here are some pics from the first day!!!


She loved Buzz!!!


Great start! Adorable kiddos! =)


Awesome …
The Castle always has a way of grabbing ones attention. Glad you guys got off to a great start! … Great pics, Keep’m coming.


Oh my! What a start! But so glad you soldiered on! Your children are so cute! Can’t wait to read more!


wow you deserved a vacation after the start u had… your children are adorable… great pictures… looking forward to more tr…


Oh my goodness what a start! Love the photos and TR and your children are just gorgeous! looking forward to more please.


Day 2 Epcot

I had great plans for early rising and rope drops, but realized very fast that we needed to slow down not only with the baby, but the kiddos not feeling well. So we slept later (which for us having small children is 8:00am) and finally got into the park about 10:30am. DH and DS were going to head out to ride the bigger rides and we had decided to meet up at Nemo a little later. So the girls and I headed out to “Meet” the charaters.

First up was Daisy and DD1 did so great with her. It was super sweet. I had noticed while we were waiting that Stitch had appeared kinda behind where not alot of people saw him. So as soon as we finished seeing Daisy, I told DD1 lets go see Stitch. What is funny is on the drive into Orlando we had watched a bunch of Disney movies and of course Lilo and Stitch are one of my fav. DD1 didn’t say anything at first and I went up with the baby and let her look at Stitch and all of the sudden I turned around and asked DD1 did she want to hug Stitch and she looked at me and the photopass guy and said, “No way, he’s a meanie. (and then screamed) GET MY OUTTA HERE!!!”…lol hence the appropriate title to my TR. So she wouldn’t see Stitch at all and told me that she didn’t like him…(we get a second chance later on).lol

We went to the main epcot character greet and the lines was already 90 minutes. So figured we had enough of characters for the morning. Plus I like “catching” them walking through the parks. We met up with my guys who had rode Test Track a couple of times and had FP to ride again with me later. We rode Nemo and did Imagination building (I love Figment)!! We passed on Soarin since it’s not a biggie for the fam and headed over to get FP for Mission to Mars. I have to say that I struck up a convo with the CM who was super nice and he gave me four extra fast passes to use. DH refuses to ride Mission to Mars because he has issues with motion sickness, so I gave out the other FP’s we didn’t use.

We then went over to Mexico to eat and it was yummy and walked around the World. My younger kids fav ride was the Mexico boat ride. We rode it twice because there is never a line. We also seen Donald. I have to say that the Tangerine Ice in Japan was delicious if you haven’t tried. We did some shopping and headed for space ride in the big Epcot ball. This is always my last ride when leaving Epcot and it never disappoints.

We left about 4 and headed back to the room for a swim. We were on the ground floor and you could walk pretty much right out of our room and up to the Mighty Duck Pool. We ordered pizza in the room and the kids were out by 8:00 pm.


Wow ~ after the week before your vacation, you really needed some magic!! I love the TR …can’t wait to read more!


:laugh:“He’s a meanie! Get me outta here!” :heart: it! Very cute!


What a horrible lead-up-to-a vacation experience. Doesn’t it always seem like pooh happens right as you are getting ready to go? Glad the kids were ok and you didn’t have to cancel. sounds like a great start to the trip. Love the pics of your children and your DD#1 is hysterical! Can’t wait to read more!


lol…She uses “My” instead of “Me or I”. I know I need to correct it, but it’s just too stinkin cute…lol


She will figure it out eventually…until that time she can be stinkin cute.:heart:


Loving the pics and the TR, keep it coming. Your kids are adorable.


Thanks!!! They are great kids!! :slight_smile:


She sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the part where it says “How I wonder what you are” she sings “How MY wonder what you are”. I’ve video taped her singing it million times and I LOVE IT!!! :laugh: I tell my DH that when she is on American Idol one day he’ll be glad I did…lol :wink: