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My boss told me today about a 4-day conference in Orlando that takes place 6 days before our October trip starts. I crunched some numbers and realized that I can actually save my company money by staying in a Disney resort and renting a car during the conference instead of staying at the conference hotel!

It wouldn’t make sense for me to then fly home just to fly back down two days later, so I’d just stay in the resort until our orginal October reservation at BCV opens up, adding another couple of days to our vacation! If this works out, I’ll be at Disney World for over two weeks!!! AND, the six days that we’d be down there before moving into the BCV would include the free dining package!!! Granted, I’d have to drive back from the conference to have meals, but I think I can handle it… :angel:

Oh, I hope it works out! We just don’t know if the money’s in the budget…


It looks like the Pixie Dust God’s are shining on you, Bali!!! I hope it works out! :heart:


LOL! Pixie dust gods!! LOL!

YAY, Bali! You go girlie!
That’s PERFECT! More days on a vacation is a GOOD vacation!


That is so fantastic, what a stroke of luck that would be if it all worked out for you! I hope you can manage to do it! Two weeks in WDW…wow!


What a great opportunity. I hope it all works out for you!


Thanks, guys. I hope so, too. This would be the first anniversary of Roomie’s diagnosis, and what an amazing celebration it would be to say goodbye to this difficult year with two weeks in the happiest place on earth!


Wow! The universe is working for you! Haha! That is great I hope you can make it work!


WOW Bali, 2 weeks at WDW !! You are so lucky!!! I hope it works out that way for you.


Bali - I combine work and vacation all the time. Wouldn’t you plane ticket RT be covered by your company? That’s a small savings toward the trip budget.


bali, that is such a great turn of events!!! Remember that show A-Team? They always said: “I love it when a good plan comes together!!!”


That sounds great!!!


That sounds wonderful! I hope it works out and you can stay the the whole time.


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!


You lucky dog - this is way cool.


That’s fantastic Bali! I hope all works out for you!


I hope this works out for you. What great opportunity




GREAT!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out!!


I hope it works out for you!!


Bali, wishing you tons of luck and pixie dust!!! I hope it all works out for you.