Getting an OKW Villa


What are my chances of getting an OKW Grand Villa for the 3rd week in December? I am on the wait list right now.

I have a two bedroom + a studio reserved, but really would like to get into a GV. Any idea?


Don’t know, but do you want share your thoughts on OKW with me?


I would think it’s going to be pretty tough to get a grand villa but at least you have rooms for everyone. That’s such a busy time for DVC and a big time for families to go.

Good luck, I hope it comes through.


Sorry, but your chances are probably slim to none.


Does it have to be OKW? SSR is bigger and has more grand villas, so you may stand a better chance there.


Your chances might be better around the last week in November :wink:


Thanks guys. We choose OKW because it was less points allowing us to provide shack for the in-laws. And we’ve never been there LMS so I can not give you insight until December.

Dopey thanks for the suggestion, but really - who goes to Disney in November? What could POSSIBLY entice me to WDW in November? It would have to be something … Wonderful.


Well, no matter how unlikely…I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for you! Hope you get that Grand Villa!

Of course, I do think you should go the end of November, as Dopey suggested:happy: Wonderful indeed:happy:


Yeah well, it was just a stupid suggestion :tongue:


:eek: :eek: :closedeye :laugh:


Stupid is as stupid does


Well I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway. Its a good thing you’re so darn cute.:wink:


Please Limsy…his head is already too big!:glare:

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:ohmy: :ohmy: Listen Accordion Boy, don’t be mean to me. I used to like you :pinch:


Hehe…‘Accordion Boy’:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Let me chime in.

OK, I’ve chimed. While I’m posting, I’d guess that the grand villas have been booked by people who made plans last year, but I have seen that as Christmas and New Year’s approach, the rooms in greatest supply are the two bedroom suites at deluxe hotels, so, there could be a cancellation. Just don’t count on it.


At least we’re in with the two bedroom & studio accommodations. Like the lady said, maybe the magic will work. IF not - we’ll still be in WDW - in December. That will be cool enough.


Thats the spirit. And, I will be able to fill you in on my thoughts about OKW, since I will be going in August.:biggrin: (fingers and toes crossed)


You’ll look so nice, in December, in your hot pink Huntington Beach T-shirt.:angel:


Don’t tempt me 'tink. You forget who is the god father of a cast member.

(nod-nod, wink -wink, say no more, SAY NO MORE.)