Getting from All Stars to Grand Floridan


My son is schedule for the pirate cruise Monday 8/30/04 9:30am that is located at the Grand Floridian. How would I get there using Disney transportation from All Stars? Or should I drive would I have to pay for parking.


If you drive, you won’t have to pay to park if you tell them you have reservations. You could take a bus to MK and then get on the monorail that does the resort loop to get off at the GF. I would do that because then afterwards you could ride the monorail back to MK for the day or then transfer over to Epcot. Or you could take the bus from GF to whatever other park you wanted to go to. HAVE FUN!!


That sounds like a good idea except I guess i would have to find out what time the bus goes to MK and what time the monorail goes from MK to GF


My kids did the pirate cruise last year and loved it. DH and I got to relax and have some quiet time at the GF pool. We packed the kids’ swimsuits and let them swim for a while when they got back. Bus to MK and then the monorail is the best bet. They should have a great time, the CM do a great job with the kids.


We had a PS at the 1900 at 8:20a and got there in plenty of time from the All-Stars. (It was an EMH day for MK)

So, if the cruise is on an EMH day, no problem whatsoever. For normal opening hours, take the first bus to MK from the All-Stars, probably between 7:55 and 8:10 and then walk up to the resort side of the monorail (Don’t take the TTC express!!!) and you will get to the GF with time to spare.

Personally, I never rent a car when I go down, so driving is never an option for me. Living in the city, I’m used to public transportation. :wink:


The buses from the resorts start running about 2 hrs. before park opening, because they know people have breakfast in the park before opening. Once you get to MK, the monorail over to the other resorts will be running for the same reason(breakfast)


I’m not sure about this. I’m pretty sure it’s only 1 hour… unless that changed since I was there in May. :confused:


If you are a resort guest and you decide to drive to Grand Floridian,you will not have to pay to park since you are a resort guest.


they aren’t supposed to drop you off at the park, but I have friends who are disney bus drivers that start at 6:30 am and I think they are on the road at 7am. however they cannot drop you off at the parks untill a certain time, but they will be happy to take you directly to the hotel you are going to.

to the OP I would just take a bus to the MK, from the MK it would be quickest to take a small luanch boat that leaves from the docks by the monorail station, it goes direct to the GF the monorail has to go to the cont, the ttc, the poly then stops at the GF. going back to the MK from the GF this would be the fastest option would be the monorail system.


Thanks everyone I guess we Will take the bus to MK then do the monorail. My son is so excited we leave tomorrow :mickey: