Getting from Epcot to MGM


What’s the easiest (and quickest) way to get from World Showcase to HS?

Do you walk over to BW or BC and take the boat? Or is there a boat launch at Epcot? or is it a short walk? I am drawing a blank on this!


We take the boat which picks you up at the International Gateway at Epcot to DHS. There are 2 stops in between at BW & BC but it still seems to be the quickest route.


Where is the International Gateway in Epcot?


It is over by England, it is the back entrance to the park, which will lead you to the BWI and the Y&B. The boat will continue on to DHS (it also stops at the Swan & Dolphin). It is a nice break between parks. It takes about 20 minutes by boat to get there.


Oh good! We have to make a quick get-away after the Candlelight Processional over to HS for the Osborne Lights!! :wub:


The boats run a big loop from HS, to Swan/Dolphin, BC, BW, Epcot and back to HS. The boat stops at the resorts on the way back to HS too so it’s a 20 minute ride from park to park.


We have also done the boat. It is quite a walk once you get off the boat, to the front entrance to HS, but nothing terrible. It is a nice break between parks and the boat captains are usually a lot of fun to talk to, and chock full of information about the parks and the history of WDW.


What?? :blink: It must have been quite a while since you made that walk, or you must have been exceptionally tired, because that’s not a long walk AT ALL.
In fact, by WDW standards, that’s a SHORTCUT!! :laugh:


I agree, it’s not much of a walk but where you’re tired it may seem longer.


Definitely! There have been many nights when I looked down that long parking lot row to my car in the furthest spot and wished for a moving sidewalk to get me there. LOL


This sounds great! We’ll have to try it! Good to know about the 20 minute ride, since we drive to the parks, I’ll have to make sure I have a way to get back to the park I’m parked at! :laugh:

OH . . . another question: Where do you pick it up at HS?


When you leave the park got to the very left and you’ll see the boat dock.


Thanks! Right, now that you mention it I can see in my head right where it is! COOL! I wanna do this next visit . . . will be fun!

Best bet would be to park at HS . . . go right to Epcot then take the boat back to HS . . . I’ll have to check the boat schedule!

I :heart: Mousebuzz . . . you all always introduce me to something new and fun! :wub:


That’s what I would do! That way you also have a feel for how long it takes to get from one park to another so you’ll know how much time to allow when you’re in a hurry to get back to DHS.


Like other posts said it is a short walk to DHS once you dock. The captains usually have a good sense of humor too on the boat. I believe last time we rode the captain & co-captain were retired naval officers. They were very nice, funny & great with the passengers.

Also, you can catch the boat at Epcot right over the bridge in WS by France. There is a gift sop on the way down the walkway to your right. The boat dock is a short walk fromt here.


Yes and what do I do if I “Miss the Boat!” I guess take a bus right?

I’m spoiled with driving . . . :blush:


I don’t think there really is much of a boat schedule. They tell you you shouldn’t have to wait more than 20 mins for a boat to come by, but we have seen all kinds of arrivals and departures over the years. You can have three boats all vying for the same dock at once and then wait seemingly forever for the next boat to come along.


Watching some live videos lately, it appears that the HS boats have been the busiest. I am sure the the new TSMM is the reason for it. But, watching these videos, I haven’t seen a single time where people were left behind going to HS. Leaving HS is a completely different story. If you think you are going to have to wait for a second or third boat, the walk doesn’t take that long.


The quickest way is the bus between Epcot and DHS.
If anybody knows how long it takes to get from park to park, and the fastest way, it would be me.
I can walk as fast as a Friendship and when you add in the 3 intermediate stops between the two parks, a person walking at a steady pace will beat the boat every single time! The bus takes about 12 minutes point to point.
There is no “schedule” for any segment of Disney Transport by any vehicle. There is a suggested service frequency of at least once every 20 minutes.
I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve taken the Friendship after Fantasmic and got off at the Swolphin and walked the rest of the way, and, yes, I win every time and make it to Epcot with plenty of time to spare before Illuminations. With the boat, it would have been close, or I would have missed 3 minutes of the show.


I missed the boat at DHS twice last year while staying at the Boardwalk, and I beat the boat walking. There are several no wake zones that cause the Friendships to not be any faster than the foot.