Getting nervous


Ok, I’m getting nervous about how the crowds will be while we’re in WDW…
ADR’s are set, I made them at 180 days in advance, but hearing people talk about how they can’t get them now and how they are changing the dining plan so you can use a table service at a counter service restaurant instead is what is making me nervous…

Last year we booked at 45 days out… I didn’t know too much about ADR’s (PS’s last year) and I booked them at about 2 or 3 weeks out… although there were some places we couldn’t get into at all most of what we wanted was availible!

I’m not a crowd person…I refuse to go in the summer or close to christmas just for this reason… Last year crowds were pretty light and most attractions were small waits if any at all! ahhhh…i hope it’s not going to be bad! :blink:


I have a pretty similar feeling. We are going in 41 days, at the very end of the free dining promotion, and right at the start of the Food and wine fest, and now the new million dreams celebration. It almost feels like there is TOO much going on, and even with the new discounts and room rates, I get the feeling there will be other people there:eek: :crying: Don’t people know that it’s MY vacation? I mean, mickey is waiting to spend time with me, excusively. If it’s crowded, he’s gonna be mad:laugh:
I guess what I keep telling myself is-it’s the end of Oct/begin of Sept. Kids are back in school, and it’s still value season. It’s not gonna be too bad…i hope!


I understand that the crowd levels are good.


Well, finally, someone who makes perfect sense. Honestly, you’d think that WDW was built for just - like - ANYONE.:laugh:


I know!! I’m glad we agree-haha
:pirate: It’s my week at disney, everyone else, stay home! haha…(just kidding):laugh: :pirate:


I’m not worried. I only have 4 reservations set so far but I’ll get what I want, one way or another. I’ve never had a problem with crowds at Disney in Sept. before and I just don’t see it happening now. Remain positive.


I’m trying to! I figure that the restaurants will probably be mobbed but hopefully not the entire parks…


i have all my adr’s so hopefully it will not be too bad. i will let you know


I don’t know if this will make you feel better or not, but last week DH came home and said some friends that we have that live in FL wanted to drive up and go out to dinner with us and could we change our reservations? Well, I was nervous! We are going teh 18th of September and I had heard all of the hype about the free dining and the credit exchange and I told him, it would depend, because I had made all of our ADR’s and if I could not change for something I liked then we would have to see them next time they come up (which is quite often, I wasn’t being a jerk, I promise!) I called and had no problem getting a table at Yachtsman, granted I realize that may be because it is a signature dining, but then I had to move our Adr’s for Mama Melrose’s and Ohana’s. I had no problem at all! So long story short… (I know it is too late!), I am being hopeful that the crowds will be moderate, but reasonable! Keep positive thoughts and Mickey will be on your side.


That’s great to know! It eases my fears! I still need to call and double check my ADR’s… just to be sure…


So here is my reasoning on this…

I really don’t think the crowds will be terrible. I think the reason for the ADR shortage is because now that the majority of the people will be dining for free during that time, they are actually making ADRs and having sit-down meals more than usual. Instead of just a few due to a budget, they can eat freely every day. Disney is probably just making sure everyone can use all their credits by offering CS meals for a TS credit. They need to outline the policies well in advance to make sure all the CMs are aware of it also. I really don’t think there is going to be dining pandemonium, or mass crowds. Sure it might be slightly busier than normal during September, but you definitely won’t see crowds like there is during the holidays or summer…at least that’s my opinion.

So relax and just think positive. :mickey:


We went the first week in October last year (actually checked in Sept 30 so we got the free dining the entire trip)…it wasn’t too bad at all. We’ll be back this year, one week earlier, and I have similar expectations. I already have all our ADRs…so now I’m just counting the days!!!


I’m still pissed about AAA and not getting the free dining. Stop reminding me.


Will you be capitalizing on that whole bouncer thing? Just wondering if I can hang with you, so I can get my way at all times, too. Thanks.



LOL, no, I just mean that I don’t worry. Things will work out one way or another and I’m flexible with my plans. So I don’t eat at Ohana’s, I’ll find somewhere else.

But, if you need a little muscle, I’m there for you. :pirate:


LOL! Well, I know what you mean…my ADRs are in place, but, we’re flexible people, too. It helps that we like to eat at the last seating most times. (we’re night owls - all of us!)

But, yeah, I need the Eric Signal, so I can shine it in the sky. That way, you can come running should I need you! :ninja: :laugh: