Getting new double stroller for WDW...and other trips


Hi all. My DS is 4 1/2 and hasn’t been in a stroller in a couple of months, since I got rid of my Aria Twin double stroller that I had to return 3 times. I’ve been TRYING to do things with him without the stroller, and it’s fine for the most part. But I DO have trouble when I go to the mall or outlets with him. He probably has ADHD…with an emphasis on the H. VERY HYPER!!! He takes off and doesn’t even turn back. This scares me to death. :ninja:

So, after hemming and hawing for a while, I’ve decided to get the Maclaren Twin Traveller. I will need it for the summer. I plan on taking trips to Dorney Park, Hershey Park, Bronx Zoo, NY Aquarium, etc. I wanted something that will last (in case I decide to have another one :eek: ), I wanted something that will hold up to 55 pounds, I wanted something that will fold compact, I wanted something that is easy to steer. Maclaren Twin TOTALLY fit everything I wanted.

Here is my dilemma…I can decide between two colors. BLACK/RED or GRAY/POWDER BLUE. Here are the links so you can see what they look like:

BLACK/RED (a/k/a Carbon/Crimson)

GRAY/POWDER BLUE (a/k/a Charcoal/Pearl)

Will the black attract too much sun? It looks like the only thing that is black is the canopy and the foot muffs. The actual seat is red. Will the powder blue get FILTHY too quickly?? Although I love the way it looks, will it look old really quick? Will they both be easy to spot in a crowd of strollers??

What are your opinions? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :wub:


Black would definitely be hot for summer. In a practical sense, gray would be better. But then you’ve got to like the way it looks. Good luck!


I really like the look of the gray/powder blue one better. But, I have to admit, I looked at the pictures before reading the end of your post and my first thought was, “I wonder if that powder blue is going to be really hard to keep clean.” They should have made the seats charcoal color. Anyway, it does look like the seats on the other one are all red, so they probably won’t be too hot. I still think I’d go with the gray/blue one, though. Just know that you might have to wash it occasionally.


I love red and just bought a Mac in red (chile, actually! :tongue: ) But I love the looks of the gray and blue one!!! :heart:


I would vote for the grey/blue. It just looks better IMO.
Prezcatz Paul
Dear Daddy of 3-yr DD and 1-month twins!


I like them both - but the grey/blue is kind of different. Sophistcated. (can strollers be sophisticated?) I’d be concerned about the heat factor with the black.


Hey Kim,

I like the gray/blue one myself. Also, if you’re worried about the sun/heat you can always buy a larger sun canopy that goes over the hood of the stroller. It’s not made by MacClaren, but we bought one for our single stroller before our last Sept trip and it was a life saver. I used it as the Aquarium and the Zoo as well. Also, bought a little clip on fan that clipped on the front/side of the stroller and blew right on kelsey while she was napping to keep her cool. Babies R Us has the sun shade, but I bought the clip on stroller fan online somewhere. You can let me know if you need the website. But between those two amenities, Kelsey was quite comfortable not only in Disney, but in our NY summer as well.

PS-we seem to have a lot of the same agenda this summer (zoo, aquarium, etc). Maybe we should try to meet up at some point!


DEFINITELY!!! That sounds great!!! When it gets closer to summer and you’re looking for something to do, PM me and we can meet at the Bronx Zoo, NY Aquarium or even the Aquarium out by you!

P.S. I am rethinking this whole double stroller thing!!! :eek: I don’t know if I need to spend that much money on a stroller I will only use for mall trips, summer and WDW. HMMMMMM…should I go for the cheaper, more affordable, Rally Twin??? :huh:


If you do buy the McLaren, I would buy powder blue cushion. I notice that red fades the most.


Watch out with the cheeper ones, they seem to be hard to steer. I got so mad at one I had I left it in the mall parking lot! I went back a minute later to pick it up because it was my only stroller at the time, but I didn’t want to. If there is a Burlington coat factory near you with a baby depot, go there and try them out. They have a lot of them sitting out all put together that you can try.


Kim ~ I have an Evenflo Premier Take Me Too double stroller and I love it!!
It is not side by side, but it folds pretty compactly and is so easy to steer.
I have friends who have the Peg Perego and they can’t believe how well my evenflo steers for being a double, and that it is not a heavy stroller. I love it, and have had it since Aiden was born which is 2 yrs now. It really has held up well considering we take it everywhere, and shows no real wear and tear.
I think Burlington has them, and you can try it out as Pumouse said. Actually it is a great idea to go there and try them all out. Mine also has a very large basket in the bottom which is great for shopping or going to WDW, Hershey, Dorney or the zoo. When I got it 2 yrs ago the price was $150 at burlington and I think they are still around the same price.