Getting Pete out of bed and to WDW!


Our first trip to WDW since the Meet & Greet last month! We so need this little excursion! The plan is AK, MGM, and maybe Epcot. Crowds will probably be scary, but who cares, after all the stress of the past weeks. Can’t wait to drag his behind out of bed and get going!!!:mickey:


What are you doing here? Get Mr. Dark and Handsome UP!!! Get yourself gone girl!!


I don’t know about today,but yesterday Epcot wasn’t crowded at all.


I’m trying doughnut! I even toasted his english muffin for him and everything to get him moving!:mickey:

Mickaholic that is GREAT news, you have given me hope! :laugh:


Are you gone yet??? Here’s hoping you’re on the road :slight_smile:


My Mother-in-law JUST called (she lives in Tampa) and they are in EPCOT right now. She said the crowds aren’t bad at all but she said it’s REALLY hot!



I hope Pete has gotten up and y’all are gone! We need another EJ TR!

Hope you have fun.


Hey!!! That is so AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear all about it, girl!!

I Hope Pete got up in a timely manner!


I posted the TR!:heart: