Getting Ready


Hey All,

I hope everyone in MBland is doing well. Here we survived Sandy, and now it is time to not only get ready for the holidays, but our trip to WDW.

I am 20 days out and have just starting packing… Yes Dana, I have my lists and am checking things off daily, but I am waiting for black Friday to pick up things for the trip. But I am also afraid that I will have to repack as I had to when Jimmy and I went to universal… it was 20 degrees when we were there in December '10.

Anyway, since we will be away till December 7th, I have decided to prep the house for Christmas. I have purchased my ornament for the ornament exchange and will be sending it out next week - need to find a box. Should be able to get one today at work.

Anyway, we are 20 days out and I really got to get my act in gear…



I am happy that you are preparing for everything at once. I love black Friday and don’t blame you for waiting until then to find a few items.


That’s funny, Dee. A few days after Mike and I get back from WDW, we have a huge Christmas party planned. I am decorating the house and prep it for the party right after Thanksgiving. I am actually looking forward to having it done early for once.


Thanks Dana… there is only one type of item that I need to get on black friday and that under garments for everyone. I was checking the walmart flyer and they are on sale.

I am in the process of washing all of our new shirts and will be bringing down our luggage today.

I still have to finish packing the box, that has to go out a week from Monday.

I can’t believe that I have so much to do. Thank God for my lists…


Funny you say that… last night I started putting up the command hooks so I can get the house started before we leave. I am not sure if I should leave the hooks empty or start hanging the garland… :ohmy:


What’s the point of waiting? get to hanging :laugh:


My sister’s on her way to Palm Springs for a month…so she put up her decorations before she left. You guys are putting up your decorations. I have no REASON to put mine up so soon - but I really, really want to!


Why don’t you just do it. Must there be a reason other than that you like it when the lights are a twinklin’?


I think I will… I am off on Wed, will tackle it then