Getting to a non-Disney area?


Hi All

I will be at WDW in September for 9 days - staying at Pop.

I am hoping to take in both Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and the Prime Outlets shopping mall.

What is the best way for me to get to these places - I will not have a car.

I was looking at a map and wondered if it were best to get to the Disney Transport Centre and then get other transport from there?!?!



You could always rent a car for the couple of days that you will be going off site. It might make more sense. Not sure if they offer shuttles from Disney to Universal.


I would either rent a car or take a cab. I would compare prices and go from there. Personally, I love having a car when I am there because I don’t feel so confined. I love WDW but if we want to go on Internaltional Drive, shop outside the world or go to Universal, we have the freedom to do so.


I would say the same as Remy- when we first visited WDW we used only Disney transport or cabs- and as we too like to go ‘off site’ quite alot it is more economical to hire a car. Also it gives you the freedom to explore other areas. Prices are very competitive and there are some good hire car discount codes available.


We visited Sea World in 2003 (stayed at POR, there were 7 of us) and actually had a limo/van service drive us! I think it was only $65 (plus tip) round trip and it was worth it - they arrived when we wanted them and picked us up when we were ready to go home.


I’m a bit scared of the whole driving on the “wrong” side of the road - so I don’t really think that hiring a car is an option…

Taxi’s it is then!

Thanks All!!!