Getting to and from dinner when parks close...?


We have dinner planned at Flying Fish at 8:20 pm. Epcot closes at 9:00. What is the best way to get to and from the restaurant? Park at Boardwalk earlier in the day and go into the parks till dinner time? Can I do that…? (like park at say 2 for a reservation after 8) or do I park at Epcot? Not sure if I would have issues getting to my car after the park closes… Not sure what to do? We could use the buses to the parks and take it back to our resort and then drive over, but seams like a hassle… Any insight?


Parking that early for a dining reservation could be risky. We were denied once. You could check to see what time the Studios closes, as the boats run for an hour after park closing and park there? If you are staying on resort, could you take the bus from your resort to the parks, go to dinner and just a cab back to your resort?


Uber works well also if you don’t want to deal with parking your car.