Getting to Chef Mickey's


I will be in Orlando for a meeting in a few weeks, and had a question about getting to Chef Mickey’s.

I will be staying offsite and was wanting to take a coworker to Chef Mickey’s one evening, but am not going to the parks. Do I have to pay for parking or will they just let me go to the Contemporary and park?

Have never had to deal with this before becuase have always stayed on site when visiting WDW.


I think if you are eating at the restaurant they will let you park there for a couple of hours!!!


Or you could park at DTD and take a bus from there.


Make sure you go directly to the Contemporary, rather than the TTC. You can tell the gate people you have a PS (you may need the number), and you can park for free.


That is what I thought too!! Just make a PS and have the # handy!!!


That’s exactly what we did last fall. We stayed off-site (boo-hoo) and had dinner at the Contemporary.

No problem.


Thanks all of you for your help!!! :flowers: