Getting to the parks-help!


Where can I find the info that tells me the different modes of transportation from the resorts to the parks? I just moved and can’t find my PassPorter or Unofficial Guide:wacko: ANyway, I want to know the about the boat you can take to some of the parks, which resorts is that from? Can anyone help me?


Um… Epcot resorts (Boardwalk, Swan&Dolphin, Yacht&Beach) have boats to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Magic Kingdom Resorts (Wilderness Lodge… I don’t think Poly, Grand Floridian, or Contemporary do, though because of the monorail) have a boat to Magic Kingdom.

Downtown Disney Resorts (Saratoga, Port Orleans…) have a boat to Downtown Disney.

All resorts have bus transportation, though, so you should be able to get to every park using Disney transportation.

This is all off the top of my head, so you definitely want to look it up. I’ll go get my passporter in a minute if no one else has the answer.


You answered the very question I wanted an answer to - boat transportation between the Studios and Yacht & Beach club. Thank you!


Oh, you’re welcome. Phew… because the Epcot area resorts were the only thing I was certain on.


You can use this too.:smile:

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Thank you! I feel completly lost without my PassPorter. I have got to find the box I packed it in–you know the one–so I would know right where it was–HA!


thanks for the link


that link that ready2go provided is all you need…it will get you anywhere in the world. Once you check in, the resort desk can give you that same thing in hard copy if you ask. I suggest you getting one and keeping it with you.


The Poly and the GF share a small boat to MK. When staying (or dining) at the GF it’s better to take the monorail to the MK and then the boat back (GF is the first stop from the MK)