GF - BW should we split our time?


We are planning a trip in October to finish off the trip that we couldn’t complete last year due to my father’s passing. Since we stayed at the GF for 2 days then, we want to go back, but are considering splitting our time with the BW? Is it difficult to switch hotels? Any suggestions on locations at the BW that make it convenient for walking to Epcot and seeing Illuminations at night (perhaps from our room)?


Unless it’s going to be a very long trip, I’d just stay in one place. I like to stay put and not waste time moving. I enjoy settling in.


We have never switched resorts, but from what I hear from fellow DCers it’s a breeze. The WDW staff move your bags for you.

As for us, we like to unpack and use the dressers in the rooms. I’d HATE to pack it all up mid-trip. We always pick a place and stay put.


Switching hotels at WDW is very easy–just check out of one, give your luggage to Bell Services who will transfer it for you, and check into the other hotel. All of the hotels in the Boardwalk area offer quick, walking-distance transit to Epcot. We were able to see Illuminations from our balcony at the Beach Club Villas, and I’ve heard that folks have been able to see it from the Boardwalk Inn/Villas.

I agree with Andrea that for a short stay, I’d just stick with one hotel. But if you’re staying longer than a week, a change might be nice.


It is not difficult to switch resorts. WDW makes it easy for you. That being said, I won’t do it again. I found it to be a hassle to pack up and then unpack…check out and then recheck in. I hoenstly won’t do it again. It was time consuming and annoying.


For a long trip I would say split your stay. We’ve done it a couple of times and it was easy, Disney will even move your bags to your new resort. On a shorter trip, a week or less, I would stay at one resort. Both of those resorts are beautiful, you can’t go wrong with either one.


sleeping beauty…

When we stayed at BW (our very favorite resort in all of WDW!!!), the CM at the desk was delighted to tell us that she had a room by the elevators for us! We were horrified and asked for a room far from the elevators (which is standard procedure in most hotels to avoid the noises of the ice and soda machines, etc!) Well, when we got to our floor, we soon saw that she had been offering us a real gift! The hall to our room was about five billion miles long! We laughed so hard! The kids loved running down that long hall in the morning when their legs were fresh. But in the evening, those 5 billion miles seemed like ten billion miiles!

The moral to the story: Take the room by the elevator! and have a wonderful time at this incredibly terrific resort!


I agree with Dana. We switch only when it’s a necessity and only when we’re staying for more than a week. Even though Disney makes it easy, you still have to pack up and then unpack at the new resort. I’d rather spend my time in the parks, having fun. That being said - why not give BW a try - it’s a beautiful resort and a 10 minute walk to Epcot.

Miss Disney - you are so right about the halls, lol! I swear I couldn’t even see the end of them. It looked like an optical illusion!


I’m with everyone that said do it only if you’ll be there more than 6 days.

At the Boardwalk you shoudl request an “Epcot” view to get a chance at seeing some of the Illuminations show from your room

Good Luck!