GF Chocolate Strawberries in room - Question


Help! We’re headed to GF for our one-night PPP :pirate: trip, and Mom hinted again that she really wants the chocolate-covered strawberries in the room waiting for her.

Is this standard for all guests, or do I have to arrange it somehow? We’re staying in a concierge room (the itinerary says standard - outer - c/v, whatever that means).

If it’s not standard, I have to figure this out in the next couple of days. I sent an email to the concierge contact, and they sent me a link to the Disney florist, but they didn’t have anything resembling chocolate-covered strawberries.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or any advice?


You’d need to check from room service, however, we have had chocolate covered strawberries left for us on a few occasions, i.e. anniversaries when we didn’t ask. We have not stayed at GF yet, but have done concierge at Poly, Contemporary, Yacht, Beach, AKL, Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotel. Yes, we’ve been presented with strawberries, fruit, and wine at the Universal hotels as well.


never heard of this before but I sure do hope you get them! :happy:


Sounds yummy. I hope she finds her special treat!


Oh this is a bit out of my league. But sounds good.


I know - I do too! Mom loves strawberries - and who doesn’t love chocolate?