GF desserts


has anyone ever had either of these desserts? I was on another site and they said that you could pre order either dessert by contacting the GF bakery and they would have it ready for you at the GF restaurant that you are eating at. Both of them look fabulous!!


I’ve had the slipper dessert in Cinderella’s Castle before it changed to the present meal system. It was great!!!


Oh good heavens, it would take me days to eat that much decadence! Looks delicious!


I one looks like a wedding cake!


Is that castle white chocolate? :huh: Oh boy. I’d have to be REALLY craving some sugar to eat any of that!


Yes, it’s white chocolate.

Their strawberry soup is AMAZING, too!

Oh, the castle imprint on the plate is chocolate, if I recall correctly.


I have never had either…but it gives me one more reason to return for another visit!


I’m hoping to one day find a mold for the shoe. It’s filled with a white-chocolate moose, if I remember correctly, and then has some fresh raspberries placed on top. EASY to make, but yummy, too!

I’ve made something like it using paper sacks that are waxed inside. You melt chocolate (I used milk chocolate), and “paint” the inside of the sacks. Make sure the bottom has thicker chocolate than the sides, but you still need to add several layers to make it strong enough. Anyway, after it’s cooled and set, peel the sack off and you have a chocolate sack. I put some cubed pound cake in the bottom, and filled it with white chocolate moose and fresh blue- and raspberries. YUMMY!


These are close, not exact.
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No “Thank You” necessary…just send chocolate!!!:laugh:


I am trying to find a meal to go to at GF so I try one of these. If not this trip then I will have to go on our next one. Both are gorgeous and look yummy too!


This is not helping my diet one little bit.:glare:


What if I am staying at the Pop, but I demand that cake??? What then??


Where can u order thease at? How much does it cost? I would love to order one for my girls when we have dinner at 1900 park fare


I want one now :angry:


tinkerbelle24, the post that I saw about these said that you just call the GF bakery to order at least 48 hours before you want to have it. They said that you can choose to have it at any of the GF restaurants. I would call GF and double check. Hope this helps. Both look fab!


My kids would love me forever it I let them eat that! Cool mom points for me. LOL… So im wondering if they can have sent to 1900 park fare?


OHHHH Cake… I want one.


Oh my goodness! I am sooooooo having one of each of them on my next trip! I don’t give a phewy on how much they cost! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I called today while I was Disney Dreming at work. the cost for the slipper is $14.00 and the cake is $25.00. The CM said that 3 people can eat the slipper platter and the cake is designed for 2-3 people. Not bad… I will have one sent to 1900 park fare for dinner on out next trip.


But, can I get one at a different resort. Or, what?? Who did you call? I want one, but I’m not staying, nor am I eating at the GF.

I want one delivered to my dinner at…like, ionno, I don’t care - I just want one. The cake. Now.


I mean, I’ll TAKE the slipper…but, I’d prefer the cake.