GF or Poly....For Kids?


While I know this is Disney and all resorts are kid friendly I am still wondering which is a better all around resort for kids…GF or Poly? Why? Can you tell me something new about these resorts that I may not know? I am VERY interested in your opinions as I have a huge problem…(woe is me)…

I will explain the problem at another time but heres a hint…all details will be in my Pre Trip Report! :wink:

Thanks everyone!



I have also gone back and forth with this question…after staying at the Poly a few times I can’t bring myself to stay anywhere else…the kids love it and I find the setting so relaxing…to me the GF is a wee bit stuffy but I’ve never stayed there…maybe someone out there who HAS stayed there and the Poly coild comment…good luck with your choice…I’m most positive you can’t go wrong either way!


Poly hands down


Never stayed at either, but on atmosphere alone, I would go for Poly- it has a real family buzz to it, whereas GF is gorgeous but a little pretentious in parts.


I also have never stayed at either but have visited both.
I agree that the Poly would be better for kids.
Plus the view of the fireworks from the beach is beautiful!!!:wub:


We love the Poly! But you can’t go wrong with either choice. My son loves to go to the Neverland Club at the Poly (but you can use the club even if you stay at GF). When I stay at Poly I feel like I get 2 vacations (Disney and Hawaii!!).


We have not stayed at either but I know when we go to eat at both my kids LOVE Poly and would one day LOVE to stay there…They have never expressed even remotley wanting to stay at GF…


Another one who hasnt stayed at either resort but have visited both several times. Would definatly say Poly wins hands down. It has a much more relaxed and friendly family fun vibe. I love the GF but to be it it definatly a much more grown up resort!


Poly, no question.


Although Poly might have more theming, I would go with the GF. But we usually stay at the CR if we want to be on a monorail resort.


My kids loved the POLY for the Pool… They were so thrilled with the slide… Everyday, they wanted to go swimming so they could use it… And we live in a neighborhood with a 2acre pool, and 2 water slides that they have access to almost every day. That, and the service was TOP NOTCH… Never stayed at the GF-so I can’t compare, but the POLY has that quiet scenic look from the MK, but there is a lot going on there… and it is FUN!


Yeah, I think the kids would enjoy the Poly more. The GF is great, but it’s rather quiet. I think children would appreciate the tropical theme of the Poly vs. the Victorian architecture of the GF.


what is the age of the kids. I have done both. my pick is the poly as well. i just felt out of place at the GF. like i was poor and was scared to touch anything. and was always like thinking my kids were to loud.