GF or WL


We have reservations in October at GF LV. It is a bit pricey, but we thought we would splurge. Like the convenience of the monorail. We have a 8, 6, & 1 year old. I hear so much good reports about WL, that I was thinking this might be a better choice for the kids. It seems to still be convenient to MK and that would be our primary Park. Just thought I would ask, which would be better? Price difference about $150 per night?


Personally, I would stay at WL and save the $150 a night. GF is pretty but not worth the money IMO. WL doesn’t have the convenience of the monorail, but transportation is not a problem.


I agree, we really like WL and the transportation is fine. You can even take an open stroller on the launch to MK. I have never stayed at the GF but for the amount of time we spend in our room WL is great. I like that everything at WL is under one roof. Getting a snack or refilling a mug is easy even when it it pouring rain.


While I would normally say WL in a heartbeat, I’m going to go slightly against the grain here and state my case:

If staying at the GF is something you can only see splurging on once, I’d say do it while you can!

If you think that there will be more chances to stay at the GF in the future, though, (maybe when your kids are a little older and may enjoy it more) then go with the WL now & save the $$.


I would go with WL. Take that $150 and spend it on dining, that is what I would do.


I’m going to have to say stick w/the Floridian. It is so beautiful and such a pleasure for me and Pete to look at it every time we go to WDW and be able to say to ourselves that we spent a week there that I recommend that if you have the means, do it.


Although we havent stayed in either of them, we have walked around both the GF and WL a few times and I would have to say go with WL and save the $150 and use the xtra cash for an xtra character meal or maybe more souviners for the kids and grown-ups…


We also wanted to have a nice view at night of the fireworks or electric water parade, since the kids are young and we usually end our evening early. Can you see MK fireworks from any of the rooms at WL? How about the EWP? What room would be closest to the boat launch since we would probably use that transportation the most?

Thanks for you help.


Maybe a little from a couple of rooms but the answer is really no.

Yes, any room facing Bay Lake will have a view of EWP. You will have to request a courtyard room to have a view of the lake. We had a view of the lake but walked down to the dock to watch it. There is also a small beach you could walk to where the kids could play while you wait for it to go by.

WL is so small and cozy that I don’t think it’s much of a walk from any room. You can always request a first floor courtyard room when you check in and see what they have. That will cut down on your view of EWP but you could walk right out of your room to the pool and the dock.


I would suggest maybe going to the Polynesian with you larger family. The WL is gorgeous, but the rooms are a bit smallish. I think you will be a bit cramped in there with 5. The Polynesian wasn’t my totaly favorite, but it is gorgeous and cheaper than the GF. You will still have the monorail accesss and that will be a blessing with the kids.


Some people have said they feel slightly uncomfortable with small kids at the GF. I guess it depends on the individual. Personally, I think Dana’s got a good idea. Polynesian will give you a great view of the MK, it’s on the monorail and it caters to families. THe WL is very beautiful, but we felt cramped with 4 in the room, and our kids were about 9 and 10 at the time.


I will say that although I didn’t personally care for the Poly, the rooms are REALLY spacious, which would be nice for someone traveling with a family.


I agree that the WL may be a little cramped with 5, but we absolutely loved it. We are going back in July. We were in room 4032 last time and could see Cinderella’s Castle from our balcony. My kids were so excited to see the fireworks from our room. We didn’t really consider staying anywhere else this trip. Have a great trip either way!!!


The rooms at the Wildy feel very small. The resort has its plusses, but I’d probably go for the GF.


Thanks for the info. We stayed at Poly last time and although we enjoyed the convenience, rooms, pools, we wanted to try something different. The GF was only $60 more a night than the Poly, but 150 more than WL. My kids are 6 & 8 and the baby would be in a packnplay. Is it still too small for my family at WL?


If you request a room with bunk beds you will have plenty of floor space for the pack and play.


Have you considered the Contemporary? The rooms are suppose to be huge, you can walk to MK, as well as take the monorail. Chef Mickey’s is right on property, and you can always seem to get a deal there. Granted, it is a bit dated, but it’s always intrigued me.


I would ask for a room with bunk beds for the older kids, that will give you more room for your pack and go. I love the WL and will be staying for 8 days again this July. We could see the castle from our room on the fourth floor.
transportation is very good especially to the MK. I just think that the whole resort is kid friendly and relaxing after a big day at the parks.

I have found that the GF is not as kid friendly as some of the other resorts.
That is just my opinion. :mickey:


Would definately go for GF The convenience of the monorail is great compared to WL transportation ( missed boat seemed long wait) Room at WL not only small but seemed abit dark and ready for renovation. GF really just much nicer


Yikes, when I went to the Floridian for my honeymoon, I found it a little TOO kid friendly! :wacko: :ph34r: