Gggggrrrrr! is it lost?


I just spent an hour and a half detailing our
adr’s and somehow its gone:mad: Anyway
of getting it back? no huh?:mad: :mad:


PM one of the moderators and see if they can find it. I just did a search, and it seems to be missing.


How did it get lost? Were you trying to post it on here? If that’s the case I’m not sure it can be found, sorry.


Of course it was my fault!:pinch: But after
walking around and kicking the cat a few times:ohmy:
I did it over!


I have typed long replies to posts, and hit some sort of key by accident and POOF! My entire post is gone!!!:angry:
So I know how you feel!!!
Sometimes I get so aggravated about re-typing my post that I dont bother with it and move on… still aggravated and all…

So I hear ya… I know how frustrating that is!!! :wub:


Gee Franco, maybe it wasn’t your fault. Yesterday I tried a couple of times to respond to a post. However, whenever I tried “preview” or “post”, the darn thing wouldn’t budge. I also couldn’t include any of the “smilies” in the post. I think maybe there was something wrong with the system yesterday?

Apologize to the cat please! :laugh: