Ghirardelli coupon?


Does anyone have the link for that free ice cream sundae @ Ghirardelli’s in Downtown Disney? Thanks!


I should have looked further… Thanks to Mickey Maniac, I got what I needed!

Have a great weekend all!


Oh well…never mind…


Thanks anyway PepperTink!


Thanks for re-posting the link Peppertink. We who are impatienites appreciate not having to look to far for it.


I signed up now what?? Do they Email you the coupon for DTD???


Hi there! Yes, they e-mail the coupon for the free ice cream sundae within 2 days… But, only if you told them you lived nearby a Ghirardelli. Otherwise the coupon is good for chocolate, or something. Still a good deal, but the ice cream coupon is great for Downtown Disney.


Just a note: don’t you have to sign up within 30 days of trip? I thought I read that on another post by mickeymaniac in the dining area.


Yes. The coupon is only good for 30 days.