Gift Baskets


Does anyone know where i can order gift baskets to be delivered to the room? We have some frist timers going with us next April and i want to have something special for them in the rooms.

Is there some where to order Mickey Ears? Do they personailze them? I am wanting to order adult ones and have them at the resort when we arrive.

Thanks in advance…


Walt Disney World Florist – Lake Buena Vista, FL : Home should do it. Call your resort to figure out how to get ears in your room :slight_smile:


Thanks for that option. Is there any other companies that deliver there?


I heard that you could always ship yourself a package. You could make something up yourself and ship it down for when you get there it will be placed in your room! That might be kind of special. Call your resort and tell them that you are shipping it and they may be able to put it in your guests rooms.