Gift Cards & WDW


K, move this if need be. I’m at work and have like all of 2 mins to type this out. :happy:

I tried to look for a few, but as stated, I have like 2 mins, then am heading out.

I wanted to know if there are ANY limitations to getting a Disney Gift Card at a Disney Store. Can they be used anywhere in the park? For food at the hotel, quick service, etc? I am thinking about getting the 3 kids these instead of trying to keep track of cash for 3 kids. Some people have told me they’ve had issues, others said they had 0. Are there fee’s after a certain time frame? I’m looking into buying them this week to stick in their Easter Baskets. Thanks!:smile:


Wondering the same thing. When I take our group i’d much rather prepurchase GC’s instead of chasing each around going what do you want, what do you want, what do you want:laugh:. But if there are limits I don’t want to dump their budget into GC’s either. Same goes for Disney Visa points.


Yes, you can use them around the parks. I do it all the time. There are no fees. Disney Gift Card | Home Page

Here are the ones I have. I refill them at the Disney Store before we go.


I have them in $100 increments for my upcoming trip. $100 in gift card and $100 in cash per day,…workd every where in WDW as long as it’s a disney owned place.


we have never had trouble using them any were in Disney…
we use them for the kids…

(i have even been able to apply them to our disney resort folio, the day b4 check-out)


Ok, phew. I was thinking of even sticking my cash on a few to keep myself somewhat on a budget. I’ll look into character GC’s for the kids, thanks!


Thats the only thing that i’d be concerned about, like some of the eatery’s in WS & DTD. So basically everywhere that’s owned by Disney and has a cash register with a cc scanner will work, correct? In the past we always used Dis Dollars, which were good even at lemonade stands in the middle of the park. Last visit I used all my Dis Visa credits in WOD on souvies for the whole family but this year i’ll have a couple hundred extra on it and want to purchase more than that. Can that be used everywhere the Gift Cards can too?


That’s the reason I get them. I used to do the Disney dollars and allot myself so many per day in order to keep on a budget. If I go for ten days, I have ten envelopes with seperated money for each day. Onc the money is gone from that day, the spending is over…lol Kinda child-like to have to do that for myself, but that’s how I stay on track with my spending,.