Gift cards


I see they are selling Disney gift cards at my local Sam’s Club. I was thinking of picking up a couple to keep from using a credit card but was not sure Can you use these to download to your Magic Bands to purchase things in the parks and resorts or do you need to use a credit card?


I think you have to give a credit card up front but I don’t see why you can’t use the gift cards to pay at the end of your stay.


I think you’re right. We always have to have a credit card on file but we’ve payed the part of the balance with a gift card more than once. Just make sure you go to guest services at your resort before your purchases are rolled over on to your credit card, usually about midnight on your last night.


I believe Disney changed their procedure. We use to give our gift cards to Guest Services to have a credit on our Magicband, but I started reading that they wouldn’t allow that anymore, so just reversed my procedure. I charge everything to my MB (with a cc on file) and then the night before departure, go to Guest Services and apply all my gift cards to the balance.


You can pay for your room account with gift cards, but cannot load them on your account. You give them a credit or debit card upon arrival and use charging as usual. The NIGHT BEFORE check-out, go down and pay off your full room account with your gift cards. If you do not, they will charge the card on file first thing in the morning.


I was able to go to the registration desk and provide my Disney rewards information before the last night. I’m not sure if it was because the bill was already more than the available rewards.