Gift Cards...yay or nay?


In 2 wks my in laws leave with my 3 oldest for 4 days in WDW. I was going to give the kids gift cards to use instead of making poor mil dole out cash, etc. These still pretty good throughout the World? They’re mainly being used for shopping at stores.


Yes, they work throughout the stores but beware, we had troubles with ours as one of the cms told me the magnetic strip gets confused when it is near other cards, such as credit cards. About half the time we used them, when the cm swiped the card, it would not read that there was any money on it. A very knowledgable cm then manually inputted the numbers, and it worked, and forwarned me that if it happens with my remaining balance, make sure they manually input it. Well, the next purchase it again didn’t work with the swipe, but this cm stated there was no money on it. I told her to manually input it, she said no, I must have gotten this one mixed up with another. I insisted she manually plug in the numbers, she did and it worked. All I got out of her is a “huhh.”


We had the same sort of trouble with ours, too! We finally gave up and just used our room keys… we’re going to try them again at the World next time we’re there.


My suggestion is to “load” their Key to the World like a prepaid debit card. Then they only have one card to carry and less to lose! I think WDW still does this. My family has done it in the past so we don’t overspend and so we don’t have to carry cash or have dozens of cc transactions over the course of a trip.


we tried to do this our one trip when we went from po to pop we had a refund coming i asked them to credit to our room card and was told they cant… you have to use a credit card…


Fil and mil will have their Keys to the World cards. The kids are going to be in no way responsible for their gift cards or KTTW cards. They’re 11, 9, and 6. Plus fil only has his and mil’s activated for charging. Mil will most likely be holding the gift cards. I’ll let her know about the CC strip thing though. Never thought/heard of that.

I just want to make sure these things will work in most stores. Thanks!


I have used these for my daughter the last 3 trips and they always have worked our well. I never had any issues with the magnetic strip and she loved having her own “money”. Plus, it was an easy way to set a limit on how much she could spend on souvenirs- when it’s gone it’s gone!


I used gift cards on my last trip and didn’t have problems…it was nice to set money aside ahead of time on the cards…less debt upon return!


Ditto. We’ve ended up spending the balance at the gift shop on the way out of the hotel.


I used to not be a fan of them until I acutally used them in WDW. Better than cash and can be used anywhere on property for food or whatever.


Yes they can be used at any location that has a register. Only very few don’t. Remember though whatever is put on them stays there and can’t be taken back off. We found that out when putting $300 on one of the wristlets at F&W. We wanted to take some off and put on another so we could split up around the world but it wasn’t allowed. Once it’s on there it has to be spent.


We have been purchasing lots through our UPROMISE.COM 529 college plan for the grandkids. You can purchase Disney Gift cards as well and pay for the whole trip while contributing 3% of the total to their college fund plan. You can do the same for HomeDepot, Lowe’s, etc. Heck of a deal for us!