Gift Shops - Pet items?


After LOTS and LOTS of debating with the family, I finally caved. We will be bringing “Koda” home the day after we return from our WDW/Universal trip; she’s a cockapoo. I’d like to find something at WDW to bring home for her, a toy, collar or perhaps a pair of mickey ears.

Are there any pet items in the gifts shops at either MK or Epcot?

Here’s a picture of Koda @ 7 1/2 weeks old, she’ll be 10 1/2 weeks old when we bring her home.


Adorable! There are pet items in the Emporium and Mouse Gears. We’ve bought bowls, collars, and little outfits for our pets.


The Fire House in MK is dedicated to dog and cat stuff also.


So cute!
Congrats on your new addition!

On past trips we have seen many places with Disney merchandise for pets, however, on our trip this past April, I wasn’t able for find any pet merchandise. I was on the hunt for a squeeze toy for our friend’s dog, the same one that I had purchased our past two trips and turned out to be her favorite. I searched the World of Disney, MouseGears, the Emporium and couldn’t find a single pet item anywhere. The areas that usually housed these items are now carrying tech gadgets, cell phone cases etc.

I did not however, check out the firehouse in MK.

Good Luck!


Oh she is just adorable! and yes there’s some really amazing pet toys available at Disney- you’ll be spoilt for choice- enjoy her she’s a doll.


AAAWWW She is so cute! Good luck finding some cute things for her!


aww what a cutie!!! world of disney is a place to look for pets items.


Adorable!!! That’s all I have to add as everyone has already posted the stores that I know carry pet items:) We always had cockapoos and love them!! Great dogs! Koda looks like my sister’s dog Linus:heart:


Our Bearded Collie Megan (a real-life Shaggy Dog!) has a collar, leash and a Mickey shaped tag with her name engraved. We purchased all at WDW. We may bring her a bowl this year…

This is a pic of our baby!


Thanks all, the kids can’t wait to shop for Koda…I believe she’ll be one spoiled puppy.


:frown::frown:Uh Oh…I’ll let you know if we find anything.


What she said, as well as what others said (Mouse Gear, Main St. Emporium, the MK firehouse). There should be someplace in AK as well, but unless it’s the shop across the “road” from Chester and Hester’s, I can’t say for sure.