Gift suggestions for REHITCHING


I am suprising my DH with the rehitching ceremony at Epcot!! I would like to give him a gift and am at a loss as to what might be good or fun!!

I was kinda thinking of getting those Mickey and Minnie just married hats!! Does anyone do this for the rehitching??

Any other gift ideas would be appreciated!!!


The bride and groom ears are exactly what I was thinking of. Why not?


My wife and I just returned from WDW from our 25th anniversary trip. I too wanted to surprise her with the re-hitching ceremony. When I made our PS for the Garden Grill I told the operator and he congratulated me and said it was noted and I just needed to let them know when we checked in at Garden Grill. When we arrived I did just that. Not knowing exactly what the ceremony was or any specifics myself I did not know what or when to expect it. Imagine my surprise when I was handed the check and told to have a wonderful day at Epcot and nothing ever happened. I was not happy as this was going to be a total surprise for my wife. I went to the check in area and asked what had happened to our ceremony and the response I got was that our waitress had simply forgot but if we would come back in right now they would get everybody together and do it then. Well needless to say the surprise was ruined and we had planned other activities we had to get to. So they just gave us the certificate, apologized, and told us to have a wonderful day. The certificate simply does not have the same meaning as it would have if the event would have taken place. So be very wary and I hope yours goes off without a hitch.