OK, I most llikely spelled this wrong, but does the link to the gihardelli sign-up for the free sundae still work, or was that a limited time thing?
Our neighbors are going in 9 days & they were wondering.


I don’t know if it was, but it is spelled Ghirardelli. :happy:


No, it still works, just be sure you put that you live within 50 miles of Ghirardelli - that way you get the coupon.

The reason you put that you live within 50 miles, is that at the time you will be at WDW, you ARE within 50 miles of a Ghirardelli.


I forgot to sign up right before my last trip. I hope that I can remember this trip.


Erin, What do you need to do to sign up? :confused:


Wini, go to Ghirardelli’s website <> in their tool bar along the top you will see “Bake with us”. Click on that, then scroll down to “Sign up for Choco-Mail”. That gets you on the mailing list and their coupons for their goodies. Have Fun! :tongue: :wub:


You can also just stroll by the shop for a treat if all else fails – they sometimes have a person outside passing out samples of yummy chocolates!


raynbarb203, thanks for the detailed instructions to sign up.


It’s only a 50% off or Buy One, get one free coupon now. Even for your birthday.


I started a big post on this last fall in the restuarant thread and I bumped it a week or so ago, apparently they are giving 20$ off coupons now, not the buy one get one.

But if you do sign up make sure you sign up one month prior on the last day you are there, so if you are going July 1 - July 10th sign up on June 10th, the coupons are good for 30 days, this way you are covered to use the coupon during the whole trip.


I never did get my coupon… but if I do I will mail it to someone who wants it…


Awww - that’s nice. Mail it to the poor Canadian kid whose not eligible. :wink:


I just signed up. When they email you to confirm your account, in the body of the email it tells you that you can receive 20% off your next purchase either in their shops or online now. To get the 20% discount, print out the email and take it with you. I did check off that I am within 50 miles (or at least I will be in the near future :laugh:) I left the address blank but put in Orlando, FL for city and state and it worked fine.


me too and I guess I am just a tad over the 50 miles!!! i get the choco mail email too and the recipes are delish and I get birthday coupons too and as we are always at WDW for Pauls birthday we use them with no probs.


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