Ginger Where Are You


Ginger do you have your work hours yet for April 2? :tongue:


You know what? I was just thinking that this morning. I was reading the “Good luck Tessa” thread and it got me to wondering where our Ginger has been lately. I miss her…


Do I need to go up to the MK this weekend and look for her?


I’ve been chatting with her on MSN, she hasn’t been feeling too well lately and has had to put herself on “Light Duty”

I hope you feel better soon Ginger :mickey: :wub:




I hope she starts feeling better soon too :flowers: for Ginger


Well I sure hate to hear that… I hope she feels better soon… BUT…with that said…can’t she still post on DC while on “light duty?” :wink:

Just joking Ging… I hope you get to feeling better… :wub:


Yes, i was wondering if she will be working on March 30 as well. That is the day we will be there.


I hope you feel better, Ginger :sad:


Feel better soon! We all miss hearing about your adventures!


Gingita!!! Darling Ginger! I hope you are better soon!


Gingita, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well…hope you are up and running soon! I have noticed your abscence as well…perhaps a Spoodlerita…


That is your answer to everything! Not saying you are wrong…you just might be on to something :laugh:


Aaww…Ginger…I hope you are feeling better real soon! :flowers:


It’s just that the two go together so well: Gingita, Spoodlerita…and if you get the cadence going right, it sounds like a mantra.


They do go well together don’t they :mickey:


How well we know… :happy:


We were wondering about Ginger too. BDavis met her last Thursday night and we all went back on Friday night to meet her and to sign her book…but we couldn’t find her. :crying: She would have been my 1st DC member to meet… Hope you’re feeling better soon Ginger. My niece & I rode the Carpets while looking for you…it was my last ride of the trip.


Ginger, I hope you’re feeling better soon! Pixie dust and well wishes going out to you, dear girl. Let us know if we can help!


Hope you are feeling better soon! We miss you here! :flowers: