Has anyone heard from Ginger in the last couple of days? She must be getting so excited to see her parents this weekend! :tongue:


That’s probably why we haven’t heard from her. She’s probably busy getting ready for their visit… :cool:


We ran into her twice at the parks. Both times she was working at the Magic Carpet Ride. She seemed to be doing well, but she did look very tired. Ginger when you read this, take soje time to rest. I know the park was packed, but enjoy your time off with your parents.


yeah! I was just thinking the same thing twins…
Ginger??? GINGER???

You must be SO excited to see your parents! Have a blast with them!


Ginger -
I am so glad that you are getting to spend some time with your parents. I hope it is a perfect visit. Like cincy said “enjoy your visit and get some rest!” :wub:


Hi everyone,

Oh my goodness, I have been very tired lately. In fact, I had to call in sick yesterday, but am feeling better today. I am so excited to see my parents tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s here already! :happy: I have so much to do today. But I will be sure to post a trip report about our “vacation.” I may even do it each day they are here depending on how tired I am. I think I have caught the bug that has been going around here, so hopefully I will be feeling even better tomorrow.


Oh how much fun that will be. How long will they stay?



Have a great time this weekend! Thank you for mailing out that postcard she called me last night and was so EXCITED!!! Maybe we’ll run into you in the parks this weekend!


I’m so happy for you. I know you’ve been looking forward to it.

Hope the weather holds out while they’re there.


Sure hope you have a great visit! I’ll bet they are just as excited as you are! Can’t wait to meet you next month!


Seeing your parents will be great! Enjoy the “vacation.”