Gingerbread House in Grand Floridian


Does anyone know how much the little gingerbread houses they have for sale in the big Gingerbread house cost??


I wanted to get one this trip, but I just never got back over the GF to pick one up!! I don’t remember what they cost though. :frowning:


I never even looked. I was affraid it would never make the trip home.


I dont know how much they cost… but I found a picture of one…


I just read on another site that the small houses run “around” $60-$65. Not sure how reliable that is though. I also read that the cookies are “around” $4.00 each.


I remember seeing them and they were HIGH?

Will that a suprise anyone?

But MAN does it make the GF lobby smell GOOD!!!

Hey, I’m doing the SINGLE digit HOURS dance! Think I may have to head over to the GF for a GB cookie for a goodnight snack!


Braggart! :happy: I didn’t look at the cost, but they were really pretty…


I was there last week and can’t remember any specific prices. Just that they all seemed a bit “pricey”.
They were doing steady business too.
The whole lobby of the GF looked awesome. We were staying at WL and the lobby there was almost as good.


Last year they were $65 plus shipping costs. I wasn’t going to try and carry one on an airplance.


We were just there and you are pretty close if not exact. They do sell lots of other items. I got a gingerbread shingle for $6.50 I believe.

You just have to see this house!


Yep, $65. We got an equally nice one at the Boardwalk bakery for $30, and by the way, they told us there that the bakers make it there, whereas the one sold at the GF is made by some external company. :happy:


Chastmastr do u have a picture of the one you bought at the boardwalk??


Kinda off topic but cool.:smile:

Disney World - Grand Floridian - Gingerbread House Time-lapse construction
YouTube - Disney Gingerbread House Time-lapse construction


Extremely cool!


Really awesome, thanks for posting!


That is so cool!!!


No, but I should take one…


The Gingerbread House is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

The Price List is as follows:

Large Chocolate Chip Cookie 4oz - 2.50
Gingerbread Cookie People 1.6oz - 4.00

Candy Cane 1.4oz - 5.50
Mickey Face 3oz - 5.50
Princess 1.6oz - 5.50
Tinkerbell 1.6oz - 5.50

Gingerbread House Shingle 2.8oz - 6.50

Chocolate Mickey Head 6.50

Chocolate Snowman with Chocolates 4.2oz - 7.00

Gingerbread Ornaments
Small 1oz - 8.50
House 3.8oz - 15.50
Butterfly 5.4oz - 15.50
Tree 3oz - 15.50
Cup 4oz - 15.50

Peppermint Bark 1/2lb. bag - 12.00

Chocolate Suitcase Box 11oz - 14.00

Chocolate Fudge 1 1/4oz - 15.50

Gingerbread Cookies 1/2lb bag - 16.00

Million Dreams Chocolate Box with Truffles 11oz - 16.50

Seasons Greetings Chocolate Box with Truffles 14.6oz - 16.50

Chocolate Disney Characters
Belle 14.4oz - 19.50
Donald 9.4oz - 19.50
Goofy 10.4oz - 19.50
Mickey 14.2oz - 19.50
Tinkerbell 9.4oz - 19.50

Poinsettia Chocolate Box with Truffles 20oz - 19.50

Chocolate Cigar Box 22oz - 35.00

Signature Gingerbread House 3 1/2lb - 65.00

Signature Chocolate Box with Truffles 2lb 5oz - 75.00

Here is the Chocolate Disney Character - Mickey. And believe it or not I did get it home in one piece.


Here is the Chocolate Mickey Lollipop.


Very cool video! Thank you R2!:wink: