Gingerbread houses on the plane?


So, every so often now I have to sit down and watch the Disney World holidays special from food network, and the Great Hotels episode from WL. It gets me all geared up for my trip.

But, it just occurred to me that I had always planned on taking a gingerbread house home from the GF, and they can only be hand carried, not packed, and they don’t ship them. With all these new TSA rules about food and other items on board, will I be allowed to bring my gingerbread house home?

Oh, the angst and anxiety! What will I do if i get all the way there and they tell me to throw it out?


I bet the resort might have a clue.


Wow, I don’t know what to tell you. It does say no liquids or gels or creams. Surely they would let you take if it would fit under your seat. Maybe when you get there you could talk to someone at the airport to find out. Maybe talk to someone at the TSA office at the airport. I bet they have already had to deal with this.


I don’t think you will have a problem with something like that. Foods seem to be fine - it’s just the liquids, I think.


Oh I thought this was a thread for another dumb movie like snakes on a plane! Heehee! I would call the airlines ahead and ask.


I would call the airline and ask them. It can’t hurt.
I hope you will be able to bring it home.
I am planning on brining a rice crispy mickey head home for a friend.


You might need to carefully wrap it in tissue and put it in a box and check it… oh, I hope you can just carry it!!!


How about bubble wrapping it?


:laugh: Hee! “Snakes on a Plane!” “Gingerbread Houses on a Plane”. “Flip-flops on a Plane!” How random can this get? :laugh:



Seriously Crystal, I don’t think you’ll have any problem at all. The house will be properly wrapped and able to be carried on.


The ones at the Grand Floridian are just wrapped in Cellophane. Maybe you can have them special wrap one for you for your flight home? I would also call the airline and see what they say. What if it doesn’t fit in an overhead compartment? And it DEFINITELY won’t fit under your seat.

Hmmmmm…just buy a Gingerbread House from a specialty candy store when you get home! :happy:


WHAT? ARE YOU NUTS?!:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: Sacrilige from Kim!

I’m a pastry chef turned house mom, remember? It’s not the point of just having a gingerbread house! I can make one, just as good, if I really wanted to! But it won’t be a GF WDW house! I NEED to bring home a WDW gingerbread house or I may as well go nuts right now and cancel the trip!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

OK, not really! A little dramatic. But still, I want a GF house!:heart:


Haha! Yeah, I would just cancel the flight and drive so you can bring it home in the car! I am always thinking…


PrincessPooh, I have to tell ya, the Gingerbread houses at the GF are gorgeous! But I’ve seen ones just as nice around these parts. Sorry. Sacrilige, YES, but honest.

Hey, if you want, you can buy it and meet me. Give it to me, and since I am driving home, I can take it with me (that’s IF we take the SUV). Then we can meet when you get home and I can bring it to you! We live pretty close to each other…I’d do that for ya! :happy:

But if we take our small fuel efficient car, it’s safe to say I’d have no room and then this offer would be thrown out the window. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Yes the Yaris is pretty small! However the trunk is very roomy!


I would call the airline before you leave just to make sure. You wouldn’t enjoy having to leave it behind.


Thanks for that amazingly sweet offer Kim. I’m going to have to call the airline and maybe call GF before we go to see if anyone is having problems. If it appears that it may be an issue, we’ll have to talk!


Pu, you REMEMBER I have a Yaris?? SOOOO CUTE!!!

Yes, it is a pretty small car. But OH SO FUEL EFFICIENT!!! :happy: The trunk is pretty large, and we can also put a stroller under the kids feet in the back seat if we needed to. I’d just have to pack lighter and use soft sided luggage…instead of the regular pullmans I always use. Eugene says we can fit ONE suitcase and lots of other small pieces…and a stroller. We plan on bringing two strollers (a single for Genavieve and a double for the both of them), if we can fit it. If not, I will just bring the double. No biggie to me!