Gingles realtime (kinda) 06 trip report!


We’re having a great time just had a chance to get on the computer.

More to come…:happy:


Can’t wait!!


Glad to hear you are having a good time. Can’t wait to read more.


Have a good time!


I love a live TR! Have a blast gingles :mickey:


oh well having a great time … how Disney of you :laugh: :laugh: hope to see more post …even short ones like this!!!


I love Real Time trip reports!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip so far!


C’mon - you’ve had four hours - what’s happening?


cant ya read … they are having a great time … sheesh patience !! :laugh: :laugh: less boss more mouse :heart:


A live on the spot TR! Let’s see, today is Tuesday. Which park do you think they headed to? Where do you think they ate lunch? Are they dodging raindrops or the sun’s rays? Well, we know they’re having a great time at least.


hey Hey HEY! Can’t you read? patience!


Patience? :huh: Apparently you’ve forgotten who you are speaking to. Patience…we don’t need no stinking patience!:happy:


I was just sayin’


:crying: lets face it … they are just having too much fun to think of us whine


[sigh] story of my life. Imagine having fun in WDW and forgetting your cyberpals. Oh wait - I’m the one that missed the Meet & Greet. Nevermind.


GINGLEBELLS! Have fun!!!:heart:


Have Fun!!!


OK, we have been SO busy! I’ll get up early tomorrow and post some stuff.

I LOVE September. The crowds are incredibly light. There are no lines for anything!


this is all we get ??? ughhhhhhhh here we sit waiting …being nice …even !!!
ya know ya dont live that far from me … grin

actually all kidding aside I am so glad to even get this much and to find out your having a great time!!!


Well, it’s 7:45am Disney time and I’m having some of the Disney Nescafe (yuk, wish I had some Community) coffee.

We had a nice trip over on Southwest from New Orleans, after having a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel on the way down from Baton Rouge. DD2’s boyfriend joined us to tell her goodbye. I think he was sad and jealous.:sad:

Because DW was using a cane (two back surgeries), they let us preboard. That was nice.