Girl Has Priceless Reaction To Disney Birthday


Just thought I’d share this. It’s from a local news site, but I don’t know if it is a national article. Video’s of course are on youtube. Sorry if this is an accidental re-post.

Girl Has Priceless Reaction To Disney Birthday - Entertainment News Story - WDSU New Orleans


AWE…so cute!


That was too sweet. thanks for posting the link :smile:


I’m ridiculous. I burst into tears with her. :redface:


I too was crying! Too sweet.


Saw it this morning on Yahoo. Really cute!


You’re not the only one:whistling


Well, this isn’t surprising…we are both ridiculous!:mickey:


Add me as well!


I saw that video today as well. I just loved it that she was so happy she cried. :crying:


Ok I felt like a nut for crying at the video, then smiled when i read the rest of the thread. We all :wub: Disney.


still wiping away my tears! That was priceless.


And that boys and girls, is what life is all about! Priceless!

P.S. No way am I admitting to being ridiculous. Nope! Not going to do it!


Wow, that was adorable!! It almost had me crying too!


I came across this on CNN for the first time a few hours ago and posted a link to the video in the main theme park thread.
Can you say “overcome with emotion”?

I didn’t even see this thread here. Then again, I was hard at work catching up on the Boss meet and greet thread.


sweetest thing I have seen in a long time