Girls trip!


It’s official!! We have waited and waited for airline prices to be released and come down in price, and this morning they did!!! My best friend and I are going to Disney to celebrate her 40th birthday!!! Now to get our resort firmed up!! YAY, I am sooo excited!!:mickey:


Excited for you! I hope you have a blast!!


Fun! My best friend has never been to WDW. I’d love to take her for a girls only trip. Happy planning!


YAY!!! Last year we started out annual girls only trip…last year it was the Flower & Garden Festival and this year it is Food & Wine (I think it will continue to be Food & Wine from this point on).

Have a great time!


Its food and wine for us!!!


Have a great time…Looks like you will be there for the beginning of the festival and we will be arriving in Oct. We started out with just 2 and have grown to a group of 6 this year and I believe we will continue to grow.


I am SOOooooo excited!!! We are going to have an AWESOME time!! If we get a few more girls to go, great, if not you and I are going to have a blast! Thanks for being a great BFF…and LOVING WDW as much as me.:laugh:

There was a time when I wasn't sure I'd get to see this thankful to GOD that I'm here celebrating with you! 7 years and counting:smile:


That is fab! I’m hoping to do something similar with my best friend for our friend-iversary or a big birthday at some point. We’ve been friends for 23 years and I’m only 29 so that’s pretty big! Maybe for our 30th or something when both of our kids are old enough to be fine with Daddies. :wink:

Have fun planning and I’m sure it will be an amazing trip!


We do girls weekend every year, and it includes my DD age 8 and my mother!

I would recommend the Beach Club. . close to Epcot and a wonderful place to stay!

Have so fun! Planning is always part of the fun!!!


Yay! Congrats!


Leaving for my third “girls” trip in 28 days! Nothing like it. Relax, shop and sight see (maybe a ride here and there!). You will see Disney in a whole new light!


That sounds fun! I’ll be there the same time as you…with my mom, kids, and a friend and her kids…should be a fun time!


Yay! So far 3 of us going! I am so excited!


That is awesome! You will have a great time!

One of my best trips was a girls trip with 4 friends from HS to celebrate the upcoming weddings of two of them. We had an absolute blast!


Have fun!! I always thought it would be fun going on a girl’s trip to Disney.